People who are on the lookout for a large 50 inch LED TV for their house or office will be benefitted by through this article. Here is a list of few of the Best 50 Inch LED TV in India. This has been taken into account April-2019. The price of these LED TVs varies between Rs. 35000 to 50000. In the list of 50 inch LED TVs people can also find 49 inch and 55 inch LED TVs as well. These two sizes have been included just give the customers the choice. This will help the customers to choose the sizes they wish to buy. There are number of top and best 50 inch LED TVs brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, MI to name a few. The companies mentioned manufacture high quality products and are second to none when it comes to after sales service.

Here is a list of details of few well known LED TV manufacturers:

  1. Samsung Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

Samsung is a house hold name when it comes to electronic products. Their latest 2019 series smart TV is available at very attractive prices. It is known fact that this is a 50 inch LED TV. It looks are awesome. The picture clarity is so good that one feel as if he or she is looking through a window. The viewing angles are too good. In addition to that the brightness can be adjusted with ease as the viewers prefer. This TV has 20W sound output with dual speakers with crystal sound.

  1. Mi 4A PRO 49 inch Full HD Android TV

Next on our list comes MI 4A. This is first time they have launched 49 inch LED TV in India. This is an Android TV which can be bought only from Amazon. Due to the full HD resolution the movies and videos appear sharp to the viewers. This TV follows the voice command of the users. The users of this TV can keep the remote away and through mere voice command they can change the channel and/or decrease and increase the volume. According to the Review Station this is first TV in spite of the price being less than 30000 rupees it has all modern features which other leading TV companies provide.

  1. Onida 50 inches Ultra HD (4K LED Smart TV) LED Smart TV

Onida is a well known TV company which is in the market for a very long time. This LED Smart TV is neighbors’ envy owners’ pride. This TV’s wide angle view is so good that viewers can sit in part of their room and watch the programs without any kind of light reflection affecting their view. The price of this TV is around 45k because the price keeps fluctuating it is advisable to check the latest prices and its availability.

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