New Building for your Business

If you own a business that has decided to build a building for your business, prepare yourself for the task. In a modern economy, you most likely have a limited budget and little space for additional expenses besides the building itself. If you yourself cope with the task, with this you usually have to face.

Building design

This is the first step that you probably want to start the process with. To meet the requirements of most municipalities, floor plans should be scaled with all exterior views, electrical drawings, floor or foundation plans, framework plans, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing and isometric drawings, and full details. Sections and partial roof plans, as well as a site plan. Then there are special drawings, such as details of the accessibility of the bra and handicap, which should be drawn. You have to hire a designer, or if the work exceeds five thousand square feet and three floors, most states need to hire an architect and engineer.

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Your credit institution will want to see the presentation of the proposed building. Here you have to take a set of presentation drawings from your designer or architect to make a presentation about what money needs. Make sure that it is drawn so that there is no doubt that you want. A good isometric exterior and floor plan are usually sufficient.

Planning fees

Once your drawings are complete and ready to be sent, in some cases you will have to appear before the planning committee for approval before the building inspectors can begin your plan. This is a special meeting at your local government office that reviews all new builds telford‌‌. They will probably spend some time trying to make sure that their plan is included in the plan of the municipality. Some of your concerns may be about the impact of your buildings on the environment.

Construction Inspectorate and Fire Chief

It’s fun to deal with these guys. Each of these has its own particular interest, which must be considered as compliance and sufficient electrical design in the structure. The fire brigade chief will be particularly interested in fire exits, the location of fire extinguishers and sprinklers. If something is missing or your requirements slightly exceed the international code, they should be added to the plan.


If you do not plan to control the construction yourself, you should hire a contractor. The plans you draw will be very useful if you choose one of them. Make sure that every contractor who makes an offer for your plans has an exact copy of the plans. People would not recommend the contractor to redesign the structure, so make sure they bid for the building as it is painted.

By Kate