Electric Scooters

There is a cost-effective way to commute these days – electric scooter. Electric scooters gained traction in Asia, Europe, and North America because they are not only enjoyable to ride but also practical and economical. What’s more, it helps reduce your carbon footprint because there is no fuel involved.

With the demand rising, more and more manufacturers present different electric scooters. While there are many scooters in the market, you should be aware that not all are created equal. With this in mind, choosing is not that simple but with the right approach, you can purchase successfully.

To help you get settled, here the things to consider before buying adult electric scooters:


At the onset, you should determine where you would use the electric scooter. It is helpful if you note down the reasons why you are buying and in what environments you need to use it. This is in relation to motor power.

Motor power starts at 200 watts and it can go up depending on the manufacturer or model. If you need the scooter for flat surfaces and small hills, experts recommend anything under 250 watts. If you have to deal with steeper hills, you should look for 350 to 500 watts.

Remember that larger motors can help you power up hills and get you up to speed more quickly. As soon as you have a clearer picture of what you need, you can narrow down the models so you can compare thoroughly.


The range is another matter that you should consider. Range refers to the distance a scooter can go with a full-charge battery. Picking the right range can make or break your experience. With this, you should first determine what and where you intend to use the scooter.

If you are after long distance or steep climbs, it is important that you get a scooter with above average range. If you are after short errands, there is no need to buy premium electric users. In case the scooter runs out of power, you can still kick it to push.

Electric Scooters


Price is the major factor when making a decision. The right price will vary from one person to another that is why you should contemplate on your budget at the onset. Deciding on the price entails learning about the different types of scooters.

  • Budget scooters: these scooters are under $300. You will see the basics and it is recommended for minimal or light use. However, you should expect low capacity batteries, underpowered motors, and weak brakes.
  • Commuter: there are two types of a commuter scooter – budget and premium. Budget commuter scooters range anywhere from $300 to $600; it is ideal for traveling short distances. Premium commuter scooters, on the other hand, have better batteries, suspension, motors, and brakes; the price ranges anywhere from $600 to $1200.
  • High performance: this is the best class but there is one tradeoff – increased weight. This will make it difficult to load into a car or carry up the stairs. The price starts at $1200.

Test ride

Although not a car, electric scooter needs to be tested. As a buyer, you do not want to commit to a purchase before you have established how riding it feels like. A test-ride can help you prove reviews and assess specifications.


Electric scooters are not cheap. It is only right that it is protected through a warranty. You should check the terms and conditions of the warranty so you will know what to expect.

By Kate