Beaches are the best place to have a fabulous dinner. I have often wondered why are beaches such a popular destination when it comes to truly enjoying oneself? The conclusion that I have come to is the serene beauty that is normally found at beaches. Beaches are a mixture of tranquility and serenity, with a dollop of rushes from the moving water of the surrounding ocean or sea. The whole plethora beauty makes beaches one of the best places in the world to break a sweat and enjoy a beautiful vacation filled with peace and adventure at the same time.

Imagine you’re on a beautiful beach, surrounded by the rushes of the ocean waves and with the people you love and care about. After days of working hard you’ve finally gotten that vacation that you’ve wanted for so long. What is the one thing that you’d like on that beach that really goes with the view? For most people the answer to the above questions is “good food”. Food is one of the basic necessities of life but at times it can be so much more than that. Food in itself is art, food is enjoyment. On the correct beach, you’d need the correct food and the correct drinks to combine together and give you the perfect evening.


Sharkey’s is the most popular restaurant on the myrtle beach. What makes Sharkey’s so popular is of course the view that you can enjoy from the restaurant.  You can enjoy the fabulous ambience that is offered to you by the restaurant along with its wonderful food. The restaurant is famous for its seafood and its cocktails.  You can get food of all sorts, from lunches to quick bites at this restaurant, at affordable prices, and also along with your favorite choice of beverage. You can find from entrees to appetizers, salads and sandwiches to everything. This place is particularly famous for its scrumptious fish tacos, which is famous all over the place (you can just ask the locals). This is the perfect place to come, sit back and relax with some great food and view.

The owner of this place, Kenny Nandwani, chose this particular location for the restaurant because of its amazing view that becomes the X factor for the place. The head chef of this restaurant is Lenny Edwards, who has been in the cooking business for over twenty years. With him, you are assured to have great food with zero doubts. You are also free to experiment with the new options available on the menu if you’d like. Also, there’s a cheaper children’s menu available in this restaurant as well.

By Kate