Believe it or not, when it comes to packing your suitcase, it can be quite a strategic exercise. When you are planning to go on vacation, wherever you plan, you must make sure that your suitcase or bags are packed so that your clothes are as wrinkle-free as possible.

More on packing your suitcase

When you start packing your clothes, there must be a specific order in which you pack them to reduce the number of wrinkles that may occur if packed for too long. All shirts should be placed at the bottom of the suitcase and, if there is a dress, they should go later, with trousers as the main piece of clothing that fits in the suitcase or a vacuum seal storage bags.

The vertices that you know are most likely to wrinkle should be deployed if you put them at the bottom of the suitcase, if possible. Those who wrinkle less should be closer to the top of the suitcase. You should always ensure that all sleeves are folded towards the body of all your shirts and tops. With sleeves folded towards the body, you can fold the top or shirt in half from the bottom up, with a triangle.

When packing the dress, you need to put it in the suitcase so that the ends of the dress hang on the sides of the suitcase. Be sure to take all the trousers and skirts and fold them while they are on a flat surface. The best way to fold them is to fold them in half and always in length. Once you do, grab your folded pants or sketches and put them on any dresses that might be. After that, you can wear the ends of your dresses over trousers and skirts.

When it comes to your accessories, you should roll up any ties you take off and put your socks in your shoes. It would be best if you also used the side pockets of your suitcase to pack your underwear, this will save you space in your suitcase if you know the best way to pack a suitcase. When you put your shoes in a suitcase, make sure that the treatment of one shoe is combined with the toe of another shoe. Make sure your shoes are in plastic bags and put them along the edges of the suitcases.

To protect your clothes, make sure that all your personal hygiene items are placed in plastic bags, so there is no way to seep into your clothes. It is also essential that the essential products that you use are placed in your purse or large bag, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, as well as any medications that you take.

 In summary

Never put valuables in your suitcase for any reason. Always carry things like your money, medicine, keys, and expensive jewelry in case you lose your luggage.

By Kate