If you are a skilled worker and want to migrate to Australia read about the services provided by Nile Migration agency. In Australia, there are three ways through which you can get into the country. Check out the following three ways to get settled in Australia:

  • Direct Entry Scheme
  • Agreement stream
  • Temporary Residence Transition stream

What is eligibility for getting registered under ENS?

For getting registered under ENS or subclass 186, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Nomination has also to be done by an employer who is approved by Australian authority
  • You need to be less than 50 years of age in case you are applying for Temporary Residence
  • You should be under 45 years of age for coming under Direct Entry stream
  • You should also meet the educational requirements
  • Must meet the skill requirement
  • You should also meet the English language requirements

Length of stay under this scheme is permanent.

How the ENS is processed?

Depending upon the stream under ENS, the processing time will vary. For temporary residence transition stream, more than 70 percent applications are processed in 8 months. It takes around 10 months to get 90 percent applications passed. In 6 months, around 75 percent application is processed under direct entry scheme. Under the same scheme, it takes around 10 months for 90 percent applications to get passed. So you can see that processing time varies based upon different schemes.

Details of ENS direct entry stream

In the direct entry scheme, you need to provide some documents which are essential while applying for visa under this scheme. In this procedure, you also need to undertake the skill assessment but make sure it is applied before your visa application. Otherwise, skill assessment will not be accepted.

There are some other skill assessment programs which can also be obtained under subclass 485. In this category, applicant will be adjudged based upon the qualifications and not the work experience. So if the skills are needed to be demonstrated under ENS programs then you need to know which skills are required.

Which skills and qualifications are required under the scheme?

You need to know which skills is a part of employer nomination scheme subclass 186 visa. Have a look below:

  • Your CV will also be considered
  • Copies of all the qualifications and work experience is required
  • Evidence about the skills which have been assessed

Age requirement

The person has to be below 45 years of age.

Language requirements

Language requirement under this scheme is well-suited for English. You will have to take English language test and within three years, you need to submit the application. If there are dependents above 18 years of age, one amongst the following requirements should be met:

  • The dependents must have functional English
  • In case not, dependent needs to apply for second visa application

Above is the complete procedure based upon which the whole procedure will be carried out.

By Kate