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For a long time, Instagram has been claimed to be the ideal platform for those looking to expand their social media presence. With the platform’s emphasis on photo sharing, businesses can easily share their latest services and products with potential customers through IG. Even celebrities have used Instagram to connect with fans and followers. However, this has its fair share of controversies.

Although they may have been inundated with followers by now, many Instagram users have noticed that these “followers” are not people but bots set up expressly to like posts on IG’S profile page to inflate an account’s popularity amongst other users artificially.

While this may seem appealing initially, such a practice can give businesses a false sense of success and accomplishment.

When Instagram users buy followers from an IG service provider, they have no guarantee that these followers are real people who would be interested in their products and services. Businesses with thousands of “followers” but no actual interest or interaction with these “followers” will not benefit from the platform in any way. Instead, they might waste time trying to sell their products to bots.

It takes time to build an authentic and genuine following for your brand. While the process may be slow, it will take you much further than buying followers.

instagram followers

In a survey conducted by Hubspot of 250 small businesses with less than 100 likes on the IG platform, 75% admitted that they had purchased fakeĀ instagram followers at some point in their fledgling careers. However, many are now willing to accept that they were wrong to do so.

This is because paying followers does not help your company grow or reach more customers. There are much better ways to market on Instagram without resorting to these practices.

Not only this, but some platforms that sell Instagram followers even offer bonus features such as comment responses and likes on your IG posts. This means that these fake accounts are commenting on your posts, making it seem like the number of comments is increasing positively.

However, when you purchase comments from those same sites, you may notice that the words do not make sense or fit into the context of your posts. There are several cons to buying IG followers, but these are the most detrimental to a business’s growth. buy instagram followers instead to help your business grow.

The Instagram platform is a free and ad-supported social networking site. Like many other social media platforms, the platform has many users with varying follower counts and like counts. Instagram also provides various metrics for social media tracking, including the number of likes or posts, number of followers, activity stream, etc. Instagram needs to inform how many people signed up for the service.

When a user signs up for Instagram, they are not required to provide personal information, such as their phone number. However, the user must provide some basic contact information, such as their email address, to receive an account verification via text message.

The total number of Instagram users worldwide is approximately 732 million as of December 2017. In 2016, there were about 87 million active users every month worldwide, with an average of more than 45 million unique monthly users. In 2016, North America and Europe had more than 45 percent market, and Asia-Pacific had close to 50 percent share of the global market. India has about 2% share of the Instagram user base, and Brazil had about 1% share of usage in 2016.

By Kate