instagram followers

Going by the current reality, people take photos of all types. Most of the photos are posted on Instagram. This is mainly to update people. We actually get updated every day. Our friends and those we follow on Instagram update us so that we know what they are doing. For sure the social media has come with interesting things. Every day we wake in the morning we are on the internet because of social media. We are in advanced times. Technology has for sure changed our lives for the better. At least there is a better way of passing time. The Instagram Likes increase in number depending on how good your photo is. Some photos receive no likes, while others receive as many as a thousand likes.

For sure Instagram is here to stay. However much and closer we look at this life we realize that our lives have surely changed. We are modernized. We are no longer the backward and primitive society we used to be. Technology has changed our lives. We have reasons to appreciate this life. Whatever we do we must take photos every day. This is the age of smartphones, vehicles,  schools, hospitals, just to mention but a few. Our lives have for sure changed for the better. We are living in better days. The major worry is the criminals who have taken advantage of technology. They are making our lives to turn to nightmares. We have reasons to be worried. These criminals must be arrested and be wiped out from our society completely. We do not need them.

instagram followers

The government must do something urgently and ensure we are safe and secure. The security agents must not get compromised. We should preserve our values. Our society is getting eroded. Let us preserve our morals. The rules of Instagram must be followed strictly. You find some people out of sheer stupidity post nude photos. This is not allowed. Some of these photos are seen by our own young ones. Let us not expose our children to pornography at such a tender age. When we use properly the photos we take, we uplift our own society. The good photos can, in fact, be sold for a living. We should not take ourselves for granted. We are better off than we think we are. We have grown as a generation. Technology keeps on bringing new things almost every day. It is normal with technology.

We are living in interesting days, where photos of all sorts are within our each.At almost every moment of our life, we want to take photos. We are grateful at least we have where to post them. Instagram is doing a lot of good. There are people who earn a living because of it.

By Kate