The term Cloud, refers to accessibility of computer, software applications and information technology with the use of a network connection, accessing data from the internet. For instance, when using any online services like uploading pictures, sending mails, watching videos or playing games online or editing documents probably you would be making use of the cloud.

IBM cloud has been established to help resolve problems in data you have, whether is the stored data, outside the firewall data or the inflow of data, IBM cloud hosting keeps it protected, integrate it and helps you make intelligent decisions when needed.

Cloud computing services have been in use with variety of companies these days – small startups, government agencies, non-profit organizations and global corporations.

Uses of cloud

  1. Hosting websites and blogs
  2. Use as backup storage which can be easily retrieved when needed
  3. Delivery of the right software on demand
  4. Analyze data and forecasting
  5. Creating new applications and services

IBM started to develop a strategy on cloud computing in 2007. It planned to build clouds for various enterprise clients and started providing services to mitigate gaps in existing cloud environments. Cloud IBM Cloud service models

IAAS- Infrastructure as a service

It’sone of the three main categories or of cloud computing, that offers virtualized computing resources, supported and managed over the internet.

Features of IAAS

Users pay for IAAS based on their need rather than purchasing hardware

Helps the enterprises save on cost, by maintaining their own hardware

Failures are out of question, as all the data is saved on the cloud

Virtualization of administrative tasks are enabled.

PAAS– Platform as a service

This cloud computing enables users with a cloud environment in which they can develop an application as well as manage and deliver for the same.

Paascan be performed in three ways:

As a public cloud service

Private service inside the firewall

Software being deployed on public infrastructure as a service

Features of PAAS

Serves as a platform to test the tools, developing and hosting applications in the same environment

It helps organizations to prioritize on development, not having to worry about underlying infrastructure

Facilitates collaboration at work

SAAS- Software as a service

It helps access vendor’s cloud-base software. It is a software licensing model where software can be accessed on subscription basis.

Features of SAAS

Data is safe in the cloud. In events of equipment failure data cannot be erased.

Regardless of your location, applcations can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

SAAS providers has the ability to manage, install or upgrade software.

Uses of SAAS

Saasis most often used by businesses for human resources, procurement and customer retention.

SAAS technology has been adopted by most of the technological companies’ worldwide, financial services and utilities globally.

By Kate