Whether we like it or not, we are in the digital age. This can be easily proven by the fact that the avenues chosen by businesses to promote themselves are digital. There is no clamour amongst businesses to advertise in the Times of India or Star Plus. There is, however, a general push towards getting more traction on digital platforms.

One of the boons of digital marketing is SEO. By leveraging the power of organic search on highly trafficked search engines like Google, brands can now reach their audience without spending a dime on outbound marketing.

Small businesses have been the biggest proponents of this model. For years, there has been a concerted effort by small companies and startups to depend on SEO to deliver key marketing objectives.

Whether the goal has been generating leads or e-commerce sales, SEO has been able to deliver as per expectation provided those in the field end up using it in the right way.

However, this obsession with SEO has come at a cost. Now, in 2020, there is simply too much competition in every niche.

As a practice, SEO has become a difficult kettle of fish. It is much slower in delivering on key marketing objectives.

In this article, we discuss how a two-pronged approach using SEO and Google AdWords can be a great option for a small business.

Get Oxygen with Google AdWords. Get Stability with SEO

For a small business, waiting for 6-8 months for SEO benefits to come home is unsustainable. What is the solution then?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that can be leveraged into getting immediate relevant traffic to a website in a cost-effective way. Even though it is paid, there is no doubt in the fact it can bring traffic to pages which a small business may deem as ‘money’ pages, in essence, pages which help the business directly grow in terms of revenue.

AdWords can be a great tool to bring traffic to money pages and get some much-needed oxygen for a small business.

SEO is a long game. It requires patience and determination. For a business to get traffic organically in the long term, there is a definitive need to create SEO-optimal content.

Use the Right Paid Search Strategy

Use the Right Paid Search Strategy

Paid search is a great way to get traffic, but not if those using it don’t know how to use it.

Many small businesses jump into platforms like Google AdWords without figuring out how to get more clicks from their ads. They end up losing a lot of their money without getting the needed ROI to survive.

Before using AdWords, businesses using the platform must make sure they understand what they need to do in order to make full benefit of paid search. They should either hire SEM specialists who know how paid search is supposed to be used or train employees in the field. Nothing less will help them make full use of paid search advertising with Google AdWords.

In Conclusion

In this article, we cover a few reasons why small businesses must consider paid search marketing with Google AdWords.

About the Author – Kanika Singh is a marketing consultant at a top auditing firm. She often writes guest posts for Eduburg, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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