Many online users are indeed looking for a free video editor for Windows. The fact that they will use it for personal purposes, they also make use of it for business purpose. They are making a video for business promotions or school projects. Since Windows is one of the most used operating systems, many users are looking for an appropriate video editor. So, they keep on searching free movie maker or free video editor for Windows. But, they end up getting the for trial one. It only lasts for one month and after that, you are asked for a subscription to continue using it. This can be stressful and affects a productive day. So, you have to look for a free Windows video alternative.

Free video editor alternative

The long search is over with the iMovie for Windows free download. You can have it downloaded and installed on your computer system. But, you need to make sure that you are using Windows. It doesn’t work to Linux. So, Windows users should celebrate now because video editor for Windows is now available. You can look for the video editing software, download and install it. It is very simple to use and there are 3 alternative options for the users. Following users must use the different alternative accordingly:

  • Beginner level. They must use the WMM version
  • Intermediate level. They must use the VideoPad version
  • Advanced level. Users must use the Lightworks version

All the 3 different video editor alternatives for Windows are free. You can be able to download and install it without any hassle. Keep in mind that there is nothing in the online world that is offered for free in the long run. You need to renew or subscribe before continue using the software. But, things get changed by using this video editor alternative for Windows. You can use it as long as you want and need it.

No watermarks, no limits

Yes, you heard it right. The user-friendly video editing software works professionally. Although it is free, it does not leave any footprints. So, you are like using paid movie maker software. It will never make the video you created looks unprofessional. You can even make money from it. If you are an advanced user, the Lightworks version will give you great work with the best interface. This is the reason why many companies are looking for a professional video maker using Windows video editor. It has a simple, yet fully high definition visual seen on the film or video. Plus, it does not limit the quantity of the projects to be done. The fact that it is for free, it also lets you create limitless videos. Install it, have it and use it for free.

By Kate