Final Cut Pro X is quite impactful and up to any post-production task. These 3rd party applications, filters and plugins help to take your work to the next level within less time. You can find free final cut pro templates online.

The applications of Final cut pro X are as follows

  • Davinci Resolve: It is available both in free and paid versions. It brings deeply integrated color correction for Final Cut Pro X
  • Autodesk Smoke: It gives you excellent and top notch 2D and 3D visual effects
  • XTO7: It enables project collaboration between Final Cut Pro X and the legacy editors
  • 7TOX : It helps to bridge the transition from projects that are created in legacy Final Cut Pro versions up to X
  • SYNC-N-LINK X: It provides powerful audio synchronisation features
  • PRODUCER’S BEST FRIEND: It takes an FCPX Event or Project XML and turns it into a spreadsheet
  • X2PRO : It is for automated translation of Final Cut Pro projects to AAF for high-end audio finishing and mixing in ProTools
  • X-WIPER: It is a great way to wipe unnecessary files prior to archiving something

The best Plugins of Final cut Pro X are as follows:

  • ALEX4D: It is a free plugin from Motion genius Alex4D
  • SLICE-X: It is the most useful plugin compared to all other plugins
  • HAWAIKI COLOR: With this plugin, you can get your 3 way color back in FCPX
  • LOCK & LOAD: It is for best image stabilization
  • NEAT VIDEO: It is an amazing plugin for noise reduction
  • RIPPLE CALLOUTS: This plugin is most usable for industrial videos
  • RIPPLE TIMELINES: It has some awesome templates. You can find free final cut pro templates in many online sites
  • ZYNAPTIQ: It is a superb de-verb plugin
  • DENVER RIDDLE LUT: If you need to apply a LUT in FCPX, you’ll need this plugin
  • LUCA LIGHT LEAKS : There are many Light Leak packages available

One of the best websites that offers top rated Final Cut Pro X plugins is Stupid Raisins. Their plugins are built with customization in the mind. With free final cut pro templates available at your disposal, you can make changes to your titles, transitions, and special effects using your own personal flair in quick time itself. Each and every plugin in this site is fully integrated with Final Cut Pro X, keeping all the amazing effects right at your fingertips, so that you can focus more on your project.

With the Final cut pro X plugins available at its website, you can explode video into stars or you can choose to even burn it up into smoke. You can use glitter to write content and even add sparkle to transitions, or can shatter into pixels. All these functions could be done just with one click in Stupid Raisins. The plugins available in this website will give instant creativity and gloss. These plugins are easy to install & also to use. These ultimate plugins takes animating objects to a whole new level.

By Kate