Being a Jew is amazing. The tradition is so rich, and there are so many things to know and learn every day. A lot of Jews are not aware of this beautiful ornament that has verses from the Torah written on it. It’s part of many homes and has a sacred and powerful message. Learn more about it on this link.

If you have one in your home and you want to know more about it, or you want to get one for yourself, then you should read this article and see the ten facts that you must know.

Follow up and see what they are and learn more about the Mezuzah.

1. It is tradition to kiss the Mezuzah

The tradition says that when someone enters the door, they should touch the Mezuzah, and everyone else walking inside should kiss this person’s hand that touched it. Also, kids are lifted to kiss it before they go to bed because this is considered good luck and protection from bad dreams.

2. It is used for the protection of the home

The general purpose of it is to protect the home. This is why it is placed on the main doorstep, and everyone can see it when they walk inside the home. The verses written inside are keeping the peace and prosperity of this home.

3. Mezuzah literally means doorpost

The word in ancient Hebrew means doorpost. In the bible, this word was mentioned when it needed to explain to people that they must write the words that are crucial over the doorpost. That’s why today’s Mezuzah is placed on the front door.

4. You’ll find it packed in all kinds of cases

You can buy the Mezuzah at many places around the world where Jews are located. It comes in a case that is almost everywhere different. No rule will be followed which means that there’s no good or bad one. Don’t judge the manufacturer based on the cover.

5. Costs up to $170

It also comes at many different prices. Some are low as $30, while others can be much more expensive, up to $170. It all depends on how it was made, and where it is being sold. What’s important to know is that the more affordable ones are not protecting you less. They are all equal.

6. You should keep it on the right side of the door

The place to go is on the right side of the door after you pass the doorstep. This is a general rule and needs to be respected. When you walk inside, you must see it on the wall next to the door on the right. That’s where all are.

7. After placing it, you need to bless it

After it is placed, you need to bless it. There’s a special verse that needs to be told, so the powers of the Mezuzah are complete. After it is done, it protects the entire house and the people living in it.

8. The position should be tilted

Everyone that has a Mezuzah is going to place it on the right side next to the front door but will point it a little on the side. The pointing part should go to the main part of the home, while the back is outside. That’s how it is focusing its energy on the entire place

9. You don’t need one in all rooms

One Mezuzah is completely enough. You don’t need to have one in every room. Some people place more than one, but that’s not the point. If you have one at the front door, that’s just enough.

10. The biggest one is more than a meter long

The biggest one in the world is located in Tel Aviv, at the main gate of the national airport. It blesses everyone going inside the airport. It is over one meter long, and interestingly, nearly no airplanes crashed going to or from this airport.


These are the ten most essential facts that every Jew must know about the Mezuzah. It is blessed and powerful enough to protect the people living inside Jewish homes. Now you know everything about it.

By Kate