There is no specific age for people to wear watches. Right from kids to senior citizens all can wear watch. There is not defined shape and size for watches. However to ensure that it is comfortable the makers of watch have different size for male and different size for women as the wrist size varies for both the genders. There were days where only few people could afford to buy watches. However now a days people not only buy the traditional watch they are also opting to buy branded watches. Casio is one such brand which is reasonable and also offers wide range of options to its customers. People would like to buy branded watches and wear them as they look good. One of the most trending watches is the G-shock for men. People are opting to buy these watches are they are attractive and also are easy to use. Smart watches are what people would also like to buy and have it as a part of their accessories collection. Some people may want to visit the store and purchase the products and some people may not want to spend time by going to a specific store.

They may prefer to buy the product online. This brand accommodates both types of clients. They offer the best price with the best features. If the customers prefer to buy the product from online the store ensures to provide the picture of the product with complete details so that it becomes easy for the customer to get clear idea of the product. They also ensure to deliver the product to the client within the committed time. Some people would be hesitant to buy products online as they may not be confident and satisfied with the product. They feel that they may not like the product which they see online when compared to when they see the product in real. For such customers the stores also offer return option. If the customer does not like the product they can return the items.They should ensure to return the product in the same way as to how they received the product.

Let’s see how can the product be returned in case it is damaged:

  • The buyer will have to provide a photo of the defective product.
  • They will have to return the product with original package
  • They should submit the delivery invoice.
  • The manual and other document should be returned
  • The price tag should not be removed from the product.


Watches can be worn by any age group. There are different types of watches available from which people can buy the ones which suits them the best. People can buy watches either by visiting the store or can buy them online. If they don’t like to product they can return it.

By Kate