Congratulations on your new purchase! Whether it is front load or top load, your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in the household. Gone are the backbreaking days when you manually handle tons of used clothes, beddings, and curtains.

You have been doing laundry for years. You think you know what you are doing but you will be surprised – you can do better. Here are some strategies to make the most out of your washing machine:

Reduce the size of your load

Sometimes you want to do all laundry at the same time that you fill the tub. Although you save time with one load, you are not allowing the machine to clean your clothes thoroughly. It is actually counterproductive not to mention oversize loads can damage your washer. You must know that wasmachine have agitators that move the clothes. Clothes need to move to get clean. If you fill the tub, you are not giving the agitator chance to do their jobs effectively. It is always a good habit to break the laundry into smaller loads for an effective washing cycle.

Utilise the presoak cycle

If you are washing extra-dirty clothes, presoak setting will come in handy. This setting will allow you to dispense detergent and agitate the contents before initiating the main cycle. This is beneficial so you will not go through the whole process twice.

Add bleach personally

Newer washing machine models have timed bleach dispenser for a thorough cleaning. If you do not have this kind of feature but you still want extra cleaning power, you can consider adding the bleach personally – as long as it is safe for the fabrics.  It is best to add bleach to the load 5 minutes before the start of the cycle.

Strategies to Make the Most out of Your Washing Machine

Choose the right detergent

If you have a new machine, you cannot just put any detergent that you like. You should use products with “HE” logo. This means it can be used in high-efficiency machines. Keep in mind that regular detergent will produce too many suds, which can eventually damage the new machine.

Aside from choosing the right detergent, you should also use the right amount. Remember that too much detergent will leave a residue, which can damage the washer. Pods are easy to measure but if you are using liquid, you should gauge according to the directions of the manufacturer.

Always clean the machine

After washing, it is important that you clean the machine for the next user. To clean the machine, choose the largest load size and then fill the tub with hot water. Put a cup of bleach and then run the cycle. After the cycle, you need to remove the drawers or dispensers and rinse it with hot water to brush off the residue. For newer machines, you can easily select a self-cleaning setting.

After cleaning the interior and dispensers of the machine, you need to wipe down the drum, door, and gasket. You should do this at least twice a month to ensure that the washer does not give off unpleasant odors. These odors might seep into your laundry.

By Kate