Mobility Scooters

The electric scooters generally come in many different formats and categories. And this diversity is the good news for the buyers since they will key on the scooter that is tailored made to their specific requirements. They normally fall in some categories. The categories generally tend to divide this market in three different kinds of the mobility scooters: regular scooters, travel mobility scooters and off road scooters. All these variations will come in four wheel or three wheel scooters.

Regular Mobility Scooters:

These are a type of scooter that many are familiar with since you will see them easily at the local malls and shopping centers. These are made for only indoor use or equipped for outdoor and indoor use both. They normally travel from 6 – 8 mph. You may not have any difficulty in finding three wheel mobility scooters and four-wheel versions as well.

Travel Mobility Scooters:

Such scooters generally tend to be the lighter weight and allowing it to get easily moved in & of the car. The scooters are mainly taken on the airplanes due to the compact and lightweight size. Most of them are folded and broken into different parts just to make it simple for the travel. With the lighter size, they have the smaller motor translating in the slower speeds. But, most of the scooters will travel around 3 – 6mph. And this is the good speed for a lot of people although other scooter categories may provide faster speeds. To get complete knowledge about choosing the right scooter, visit

Mobility Scooters

Off Road Scooters:

The off-road scooter versions are actually made to be used on off-beaten path. Generally, they have a sturdy and structured base that provides the stronger wheels and stable scooter. They’re good for taking the beating & keep on humming. Normally, people enjoy such scooters particularly if they stay where the terrain changes often.  The travel scooter and heavy duty scooter generally represent both the extremes of the scooter usability. There’re many different models that are highly traditional than both these kinds of adult scooters. Suppose you will be using the mobility scooter quite often indoors and other conditions than you may buy 3 wheeled of mobility scooter. The four wheeled mobility scooter may provide better stability and will support the higher weight capacity. The traditional scooter will not get disassembled very easily though, thus you may likely need the ramp and vehicle lift. 

Final Words

All these scooters may vary in the prices with heavier scooters that will cost much more & lighter ones are the cheapest. Normally, speaking travel mobility scooters are the cheapest as well as off road scooters are the most expensive.

By Kate