Are you are considering gifting someone a minion gift? Can’t decide on which one to settle?

Gifts, to begin with, are hard to decide on. There are so many factors to consider like age, time, occasion and preference. However, some gifts go well with everyone and minions are the perfect example.  However, there are so many types of minions merchandise out there, so how will you know what to decide on?

Here are some great ideas to help you choose a sweet, cute and lovely minion gift for anyone:

1-    Minion hats

Hats and caps are excellent gifts that can be chosen according to the season. You can choose from various types of minion hats and caps. Choose from evil minions in purple color to any other minion character like Kevin, Stuart or Bob. Girls can choose a pink minion cap too.

2-    Minion cakes

There’s nothing tastier than a delicious bite of ‘minion.’ Getting minion cakes for birthdays or takeaways is sure to get the little ones excited and jumping for joy. For added fun, get banana cakes to compliment the taste of minions. Minions love bananas.

3-    Minion Accessories

There is no shortage of minion accessories when it comes to minions merchandise. Buy anything from bedsheet sets, drinking cups, cuddling pillows to minion t-shirts, minion books, and even minion bags. These accessories are both fun to look at and useful in their own right.

Minion gifts to choose

4-    Minion plush toys

Plush toys are favorites with all. You can choose a minion plush toy for your two-year-old or your 13-year-old, and it is sure to be a hit. While younger ones like to cuddle up with a plush toy, the elder kids will decide to use them differently, perhaps gift them to a girlfriend or decorate them in a corner somewhere.

5-    Minion devices

Minion devices and device covers are very popular as well. You can get gadgets such as USBs as a gift for the children. They are great gifts to give the older children rather than younger ones since USBs can be used to store important files. Minion USBs will smile back at you stupidly.

6-    T-shirts

You can get minion t-shirts custom printed, and they will make for an excellent gift. Printing silly minion dialogues is also a fun idea. Aside from t-shirts, you will also find minion clothing for babies, purses, keychains, socks, and bands with minion prints.

In summary, everything minion makes for an excellent gift for both adults as well as kids, even though kids will be more pleased to have minion stuff.

By Kate