Without any doubt, it is true that gift cards are getting very popular these days. This is due to the convenience and leisure they offer. Now, if you are among someone who does not know what a gift card is, then you are probably among those who are still using traditional ways to gift someone something. The vanilla prepaid mastercard allows you to gift your loved and near ones a gift that is way more personalized than ever.

You can give these cards to your cousins, siblings, parents, friends, colleagues of all ages to buy anything of their wish. Now some people might get confused about using these gift cards because they work similarly as a credit card and a debit card. Following is the guide which you can to figure out how you have to use your card seamlessly:

Using gift card online for payment

You can use your gift card while you shop or purchase anything online. Nowadays, there is hardly any e-commerce website left that does not accept payment via gift card. Under the payment options, you will find payment via gift card mode to make the payment from your gift card. It is as simple and similar to making a payment by a debit card or a credit card.

Using gift card nationwide

You can use your Vanilla Gift Card at online merchants who are based inside the United States of America and District of Columbia. These gift cards are accepted where visa debit cards, debit MasterCard, or discover cards as applicable. You do not have to enter your personal details anywhere while making the payment. Keep in mind that no personal information is asked if you select the gift card payment mode. Therefore if any merchant asks for such details, refrain from giving in order to secure your financial and personal information.

Using gift cards on a retail store

You can use these gift cards at an offline retail store as well. You can make a cashless transaction if you use a gift card at any retail store. You need to show and present your card to the cashier when you are about to make the payment. It will help you if you make sure that there is enough balance in your gift card to make the payment without any issues. The cashier will not ask any personal details while you make a payment through a gift card. This way paying via gift card mode becomes easy and fast.

Well, that’s all stating how you can use your gift cards. Shopping and paying have become much more comfortable and quite fun with vanilla prepaid mastercard due to its accessibility.

By Kate