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A serviced apartment is a type of apartment that is made to function as a hotel but is made like a flat. Its got everything that you would expect from a hotel like room service, WiFi, housekeeping, fitness center, laundry room and anything that you can expect from a hotel. It can be ideal for short term or long term, stay and usually where companies place their employees until they find a more permanent location for them.

The fact is that there are many options for you on where you can stay but there’s a good reason why you should take a serviced apartment because it simply is better. Its because its made for long term use, thus giving you a “feel at home” set up especially in the city where a serviced apartment simply makes sense. Below are a few good reasons why you should try opting for a serviced apartment. For the best luxury service apartment HK, visit the link.

It has a bigger space: A service apartment is made to be wider and bigger versus the usual hotel set up. Which is a good thing because it makes your stay more comfortable. A hotel room only has two things and that is a bed and a bathroom. A serviced apartment offers a much bigger space with all the amenities that you can find in an apartment. This means you can easily cook and do your own laundry if you want to and still have the same high-quality service that a hotel provides.

luxury service apartment HK

More freedom: Space means more freedom. If you have a bigger company with you or you brought your family with you, a serviced apartment is an ideal place to stay since it allows the family to have a bigger space to do a lot of stuff. Some service apartments don’t just offer multiple beds but more rooms if people don’t want to share a single room.

Reasonably priced: A serviced apartment is made for longer stays thus it makes more sense to get one especially if:

  • You want more freedom
  • You want a bigger space
  • You have more people living with you

But unlike in hotels where a long stay can make you spend a lot of money, a serviced apartment has a more friendly cost especially if you’re opting for a long stay. In fact, here are various promos all year round that you can avail of

There’s a good reason why you should opt for a serviced apartment especially if you prefer bigger spaces, you have more, people, with you and you plan to stay long until you get a better place to settle in. Its because the space is bigger, you have more freedom while enjoying all the amenities of a hotel and it’s reasonably priced. For the best of a luxury apartment, check the link.

By Kate