Everything You Need to Know About Timmerhus

Timmerhus means a log building or a log cabin which is built with the help of horizontal logs. The horizontal logs are interlocked together at the corners by notching. The logs used for building cabins can either be square, round or hewn or any other shape and can be either milled or handcrafted.

The construction of timmerhus was most common in areas in which long and straight coniferous trees such as spruce and pine are readily and easily available. Sawn logs can be used to build log cabins, are logs which are sawn to certain fixed width but are used at their original heights. Milled or machine-profiled logsgo through a manufacturing process which converts them into consistent sized and shaped timbers.

What Arethe Construction Methods Used to Build Timmerhus?

  • A Scandinavianfull-scribe method in which the logs are scribed, and custom-fitted into one another. It is shaped naturally, smoothly peeked, notched where they overlap on the corners. There are various methods to notch the logs.
  • The flat-on-flat method is a method to build timmerhus with logs flattened on top and bottom. These logs are then stacked together.
  • The milled log method is one in which the log houses are constructed with a tongue-and-groove system. This method allows creating a system which will help to align the logs to one another and seal the elements out.


  • The butt and pass method are a tight-pinned method in which the logs are neither milled nor notched in any manner. The logs are aligned in a single course and do not overlap. The vertical pairs of the logs are fixed together with load-bearing and tight steel pains.
  • There are various other methods to build log houses and cabins such as the half-log method, the palisade style, etc.
  • The method used for corner styles include interlocking saddle notch, dovetail, butt-and-pass method, locked or tooth-edged joint method, saddle notch method, vertical corner post method,and Mortise and Tenon joinery method.

The log cabins are for a simple dwelling which is built with logs in a more sophisticated architecturally structure and less finished manner. The history of timmerhus dates back to in Europe and America. The log cabins are often referred to as the first-generation home dwellings built by the settlers.

What are the Types of Roofing Structure?

The log cabins can be built with different roof structures such as purlin and rafter roof structure. The purlin roof is constructed with the horizontal logs which are notched together into the gable-wall logs. While the rafter roof structure is shortened to create the classic triangular gable end, the decision about what type of roof is to be designed is generally based on the material which is used for the roofing purpose. The milled lumber was readily available, is usually used for the rafter roof structure. The purlin roof structure is, generally constructed for log cabins built in rural areas and locations, constructed with long hand-split shingles. In rural areas, the milled lumber is not available easily.

By Kate