Property Management

Hong Kong’s real estate markets are among the most active in the world, and both foreign and mainland Chinese Prices and property taxes are still being raised by Chinese investors to record high levels.Particularly in the central business area, where rents are among the highest in the world, commercial real estate is in high demand.You’ll also need someone to take care of upkeep if you rent or intend to purchase property in Hong Kong. We have listed some of the largest and most well-known property management Hong Kong service providers.

  • Savills Hong Kong

48 million square feet of real estate are currently underĀ property management company hong kong company, including 29 million square feet of premium commercial space.

property management hong kong

The “Best deal of the year” and the “Residential team of the year” awards were given to Savills Hong Kong in 2018. Additionally, it holds a RICS certificate of excellence.

  • Knight Frank

Currently, Knight Frank Hong Kong manages more than 130 properties, totaling more than 13 million square feet, and also handles tenant management.

  • CBRE

Today, CBRE’s headquarters in the Asia Pacific region, where they have more than 1,000 workers, is in Hong Kong. In 2018, the RICS Hong Kong Awards recognized the Hong Kong branch’s “Project management and office team of the tear,” among other accolades.

  • Sun Chung

Five businesses make up Sun Chung, which currently oversees more than 2.4 million square feet of real estate. Sun Chung had previously received the “West Kowloon Best Property Management Award.”

Another strategy to assist service providers run more efficiently is the trend of outsourcing property management. Smart application of technology is also more important in differentiating property management standards.

By Kate