Divorce Lawyer San Antonio

Divorces are quite common these days. Lawyers do have various specializations and handle different types of court cases, but divorce lawyers specialize in civil law and they handle a huge variety of family law issues such as marriage annulment, divorce, child support, child custody, visitation rights, and legal separation. They are also known as family practice lawyers or divorce attorneys. You can look for a Divorce Lawyer San Antonio firm to handle your case. The following are some of the ways a divorce attorney can help you as their client:

Explanation of the Divorce Grounds

Each state in the case of the US or every country with divorce has its own grounds for it, providing one of the spouses the right to petition the court for the marriage to be dissolved. Some of these grounds are based on faults such as abuse or incarceration, adultery, or cruel treatment. All of the states in the US recognize no-fault grounds for divorce. A divorce lawyer must explain well the benefits of asking the court to dissolve the marriage based on fault grounds. This may have some impact on the financial support and the amount of it.

Divorce Lawyer San Antonio

Giving Objective Advice

Divorce is a highly emotional process and dealing with a divorce attorney makes it less so. The lawyer can discuss with you about some factors of your new status that can affect your future such as financial support and custody issues. This will help you focus less on the failure of your marriage. The lawyer may also serve as the middleman for you and your spouse.

Proper Accounting of Marital Asset

A divorce lawyer San Antonio firm can help you properly distribute the marital estate. The attorney will ensure that the client discloses all these assets. There are many marriages wherein one spouse handles the money while the other one may not be aware of their own debts and assets. It’s the divorce lawyer who will collect documents and records and locate assets and liabilities for an appropriate divorce settlement.

Shed Light to Appropriate Property Division

The divorce attorney explains to the spouse how the property will be divided after the marriage is dissolved. Each of the spouses might have brought each of their own property into the marriage. Others may have gone through a prenuptial agreement. The divorce lawyer can explain if the state is a community property state or if it is an equitable distribution state. This can dramatically influence the distribution of the marital estate.

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