bail bonds Orange County

If you want to become a bail agent or bail bondsman then you should first check your eligibility for the profession.


This profession is quite challenging as you must have knowledge of contract law, finance and criminal law too. There are some requirements set by the agencies within the state department’s of insurance which needs to be met. This includes:

  1. Age must be at least 18 years.
  2. Should have a GED or a high school diploma.
  3. Must complete a licensing exam of the state.
  4. Should have financial resourcesTo fulfill surety obligations.
  5. Should have sponsorship by a surety company.
  6. Complete training and education:

 a high school diploma is considered enough for this profession but to meet the challenges of this profession many bail agents opt for a bachelor’s, associates or even masters degree in the field of business administration,  economics,  finance or law. This can help in clearing the licensing exam required for bail bondsman.  some states have a pre licensing course too.


  1. Pass the licensing exam of the state:

This exam consists of 50 to 60 multiple choice questions that should be completed within one hour time.  To appear for this exam one must pay an amount of $40 To $100. This exam can be given or conducted by numerous independent test providers. You should check the exact requirements of the exam before you appear. Candidates can get disqualified if they do not have the pre licensing course certification completion certificate or even a credit card which is required to pay for fingerprint submission. This exam can be taken multiple times if failed.

  1. Apply for the state license: the procedure for this is as follows:

The process for obtaining bail bonds orange county licensure usually involves completion of a procedure similar to the following:

The application which can be found in the website of state department’s of insurance have to be submitted

  • The licensing fee can be provided in the form of money order, cheque or credit card
  • Scores are needed to be submitted front the state licensing exam
  • Sponsorship Document for the surety of company
  • Bond submission front the amount mandated by state
  1. Join a bail company or start the new one

Most of the new bail bondsmen are joining the licensed bail company who are already a established bail company in their own state for learning about industry and also for developing the network which contains financial partners. Once you obtain a medium of experience then you can work independently as a bail bondsman and start your own company too. To do so you must apply for a firm license and then submit a surety bond and also incorporate your business under the law of state.

By Kate