Eaton Family Law Groups

The word law firm brings into the mind a whole lot of series going on in Netflix and the other channels, but jokes apart just as shown in the series law firms are serious business. Eaton Law Firm is a litigation firm that has its roots in the heart of Washington DC.

Different Services Of What They Offer

  • Criminal defense- Felony offences, misdemeanor, DUI, criminal driving offence, witness representation (grand jury and trial)
  • Federal crimes- Narcotics trafficking, fire arms/ weapons offences, fraud, false statements to federal agents
  • White-collar and government investigations- health care frauds, government contracting fraud, law enforcement misconduct
  • Criminal appeals- felony offences, misdemeanors, deadline to file appeals
  • Post conviction motions- ineffective assistance of counsel, sentencing issues, Habeas Corpus issues
  • Sealing and expunging criminal records- youth act sentences, criminal background checks, federal security clearance, sealing arrest records.

Eaton Family Law Groups

Get Help from One Of The Most Experienced Lawyers

You name it and the law firm is on it. The expert lawyers or attorneys see to it that their client’s interests are very seriously dealt with. Their attorneys are very experienced trial lawyers who know what they have to do to safe guard their client when it comes to the court room drama. The outstanding reputation of the Eaton Law Firm attorneys has been proven time and again in front of the juries and judges. The lawyers of the firm have served as prosecutors in both federal and state levels in Washington DC. So there is a immense amount of knowledge and experience that has come from big law firm practice, corporate in- house counsel and leadership roles that were held within various bar associations and community organizations.

If you are in the middle of a feud with the government and the government is coming after you personally with a criminal investigation or if your business is under threat with an ongoing government investigation whatever the reason be, you can keep your complete trust on the firm’s attorneys who work tirelessly for your rights and make sure you get what you desired for.

Pro Bono cases of the firm

The law firm also deals with pro bono cases. These cases are of special interest of the society because they don’t get any proper lawyer to fight for them. The lawyers of the law firm take up such cases and see that the particular pro bono client gets justice.

Such pro bono cases are taken up by the law firm so that they can also help people who cannot hire a lawyer for themselves because of their low income and because they cannot pay the high prices demanded by a lawyer. This way the law firm also indulges in the good of the society.

By Kate