best interior design in Singapore

Scandinavian interior design is one of the most popular interior design trends of the 21st century. It has captured the hearts of many homeowners for its simplicity, minimalism, and focus on function and utility.

Originating from the Nordic regions of Europe (Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden), this type of interior design style focuses on clear lines, shapes, and colours. Its most distinct feature is its high regard for mobility, which can be observed in the choice of building materials, spatial utilisation, lighting, and positioning of furnishings and accessories.

Why exactly should you go for Scandinavian interiors? Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. It is a cost-effective design style.

Contrary to popular belief, Scandinavian interior designs don’t have to be expensive. Indeed, a lot of builders and home interior stores offer Scandi-inspired fixtures at premium prices but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot right away.

The core objective of this interior design style is to bring simplicity and promote cosiness in the home. It is also easy to achieve by blending existing pieces around the house with a chosen colour palette, lighting, and usage of space.

For instance, you may begin creating a Scandi experience in your home by providing your room with adequate amounts of sunlight. Use blinds or curtains made of linen to allow natural light to enter during the day and the cool breeze during the night.

  1. Value for space.

Another reason to go for Scandi interior design is its high regard for space. At first glance, you may notice that this style features open spaces and slim and modular styles in its furniture pieces, accessories, and building structure. However, they are not intended for aesthetics alone; they are constructed and arranged in a manner that showcases the utmost appreciation for space.

One of the core principles of Scandinavian interiors is to promote freedom of movement. It looks into how people and things can move freely around the house but not at the expense of comfort.

If you happen to be spending time hanging out in a Scandinavian inspired home or office, you will realise that despite the minimalist approach to most fixtures, you can breathe and move freely in the surroundings. Each part of the room likewise has a dedicated function via the choice of accessories, lighting, and colour scheme.

Despite its simplicity and value for space, Scandi interiors don’t necessarily have to be plain. With the right choice of accessories, you can still come up with a lively and well-decorated home, sans the clutter and visual noise.

best interior design in Singapore

  1. Eco-friendly approach.

Lastly, Scandi has been regarded as one of the best interior designs in Singapore due to its eco-friendly approach. Despite focusing on functionality and mobility, this interior design style makes use of natural materials for building and décor.

It is common to find Scandi-inspired homes and offices that use wood for its walls and furnishings, indoor plants and potted herbs for accents, and fresh colour schemes in the shades of white, brown, blue, and green. These elements help boost not only freedom of movement but also promote a relaxing environment where you can breathe comfortably.

Seeking professional interior design services

If you are keen to adopt a Scandinavian interior design, it is best to discuss this with your architect or interior designer. This way, you can see how the different elements of the design can be used in your home. Firms that offer the best interior design in Singapore can come up with sound recommendations based on the type of home or commercial space, specific requirements, and budget.


By Kate