Every time someone considers remodeling in their home, inevitably, one of the first places they are looking for is the kitchen. This is the only room that can be made literally “out of the box,” using the facades of cabinets, countertops and even floors, which can be bought directly at an inexpensive home goods store. However, the fact is that not all affordable apartments in these boxes are strong enough for the kitchen, not to mention any other room in the house.

Most suitable for heavy traffic areas

Luxurious vinyl, more durable than some vinyl tiles, are ideal for any busy place in your home, even outside the kitchen. In any place where a lot of traffic is visible every day, from children to pets, and especially in any place where it is possible to scratch, scratch and spill all kinds of things, just try this universal new product.

Very stable and renowned for its ability to recover from any damage done, this plank floor is quickly becoming a popular alternative to laminate flooring and even vinyl tiles. Heavy objects will not harm you, because they do not bend or deform easily, and the floor looks new, no matter how long it has been there. It also has high stain resistance and does not absorb spilled liquid.

Easy to install

Unlike linoleum or laminate flooring and even some other kitchen floors, vinyl boards do not require complete removal of the old floor before installing a new one. As long as the surface of the old floor is fairly flat, vinyl boards can be cut to size before starting how to install vinyl plank flooring and fixed in place using simple adhesives.To finish the look, place the molding base to cover the seams between the floor and the wall and it will be ready.

Easy on the eyes and easy to maintain.

Unlike other flooring options on the market today, such as wood planks and ceramic tiles, vinyl planks require minimal care and maintenance. Universal detergents that do not contain many harsh chemicals or bleach will wipe, and even give you the opportunity to be green in your choice. You cannot degrade your stain resistance unless you use a lot of bleach or other chemicals. In addition to occasional washing sessions, a broom or dust mop is good.

Best of all, no one will know that these are luxurious vinyl planks unless they touch the surface or tell you. You can get these vinyl floors in your chosen style, and you can make them look like anything from hardwood to stone and even marble, if you like. They don’t look fake like some laminates, and your home takes on a whole new look. And, due to its low cost and durability, you can install them in any room you want to upgrade for a much lower price than the actual product.

By Kate