Other problems associated with basements are wet basements. This refers to a leaking basement.

Repairing basements may seem like a simple task, but in reality, it is a great project with many stages to discuss.

The word “basement” refers to living space, but the basement is a base brick wall that rests on a support. The base and the base act as support to support the structure. It looks like the roots of a tree.

When the underlying drawings are noted, a typical note, “Support for resting on undisturbed or compacted soil,” is placed next to the base. This note informs the concrete traders on how to pour a concrete base on undisturbed soil.

This is very important because it would significantly reduce the rapid settlement of the building or differential settlement, which eventually leads to cracks, condensation and mold.

Specifically, for Toronto, all bases must be 4 feet below the ground surface.

The reason for this is to keep them below the freezing line or at a depth to which the ground freezes during the winter month.

The freeze and thaw cycle can damage any external support not installed 4 feet below ground level.

When the earth freezes in winter, it expands, since the moisture trapped in the soil freezes, and in the spring, it defrosts, leaving the soil saturated with water, which can lead to the sinking of the base.

Keeping water away from the basement should be the number one task for all builders and building owners, because this is the number one cause of problems with the basement.

Especially residential wineries that are used as living space.

There are several options and measures that can be taken so that water does not settle around the foundation during and after construction.

1 A drainage channel is a small or large stone fill around the basement perimeter, which allows water to enter the drainage system.

2 A drain pipe is an additional measure of lead water used (preferably 6 feet) from the basement wall.

3 A weeping tile is a drainage system that removes water that passes through a drainage channel, from the base to the sewer.

4 A sump pump is used to remove excess water from the base in areas with a flood plain or with high water levels.

In addition to water resistance, the basements renovations must also be made airtight. The reason for the leak in the basement is the reduction or elimination of condensation.

When hot and cold air is mixed, condensation forms. The humid or humid air inside always tries to pass to the colder air from the outside.

By Kate