With many of us owning a stove and when cleaning them becomes as task. to ease the troubles of people, having some sort of material in place to ease the difficulty and which are specifically designed to suit the cooking appliances like stoves and induction stoves Owens etc are now available in market

  • These are known as stove cleaning agents and are available to clean the top surface of the stoves to remove any remaining cooking material left behind it any other materials for that fact are here to do the micro cleaning of these electronic and gas appliances.
  • Hence for people who are clean freaks and are quite particular about their stoves being neat, are in luck as the new range of stove cleaners introduced play their part as the very own cleaning agents for stoves and come off as wide range of products including the scrubber and the liquid which are available as set.
  • The liquid and scrubs have very different jobs to do and are listed accordingly also since many of modern stoves today are coming free of the drip pans and burners seen in the traditional stoves are now gone. These new stoves are made up of either ceramic or a glass top surface. Hence should handled carefully with the right cleaning products.

Here are a few tips to do it right

Guide on how to use the best stove top cleaner

  • Always check with the manufacturing instructions – this means every product is made to be different it is always better to go through the instructions manual than to go regret doing something and causing damage to stoves. Hence since scrubs and liquids may leave stains when used is excess, can be prevented by reading the manual.
  • Keep a check on the amount of cleaner being used- this is one of the most basic yet forgotten rules while using the cleaners is that the amount of the cleaner decided the type and efficiency of the cleaning. Overusing or underusing can result in unnecessary damage to the appliance.
  • Clean using gentler cleaning agents – since most of the stoves as mentioned earlier are made up of ceramic or glass top and can stain and appear dirty soon after cooking, to remove these stains the gentler scrubs with microfibers or cotton based cloths are to be used as they are gentle on the surface and using scrubs with rough surfaces can create lines or markings and thus need to be avoided
  • Clean while cool- last but not the least tip is that to clean it while keeping it cool.

Conclusion – cleaning the right way keeping few precautions in mind can ensure long term benefits with regard to cooking appliances.

By Kate