When people hear koel vries combi, they can simply say it is a refrigerator and freezer whose function  is one. It is a natural reaction that when there is a new product innovation, people would want to see it outrightly. Today, a new product innovation has been invented and it is of great advantage to each family. This product is called Fridge-Freezer combination. The fridge-freezer combination is a refrigerator who performs a dual function. A fridge at the same time freezer. It has many designs so customers could choose what models and features the customer wants that suits to his budget and needs.

Why do we need to use our common sense in choosing things?

Choosing an appliance is a tedious thing to do. You need to consider a lot of things in order not regret in the long run. In other words, it needs a sound and wise mind in choosing one.Here are some fridge-freezer combinations the may suit your style and budget. Check them out today.

  • Inventum KV1800S- this model is just sufficient for a family of 3- 4 members. The content of the cooling space is 189 liters. This model has three shelves that could be adjusted that will fit the layout of your fridge-freezer. The cooling content space is 189 liters whose freezer compartment is 7litters too. It has a noise level reduction of 39 decibels. It has a warranty period of two years and the rating is 4 stars:
  • InventumKV1800S can be fitted in any kitchen for its door can be rotated in any direction. In the event that a customer changes his mind, the item could return back within 30 days prior to purchase without any question. It has a two year warranty period. Star Rating: 4
  • Bosch KGN33NL20– a combination of fridge-freezer whose height is 176 cm with a defrost free feature. It will fit any kitchen for the door could be rotated in any direction. It has a fan inside the refrigerator compartments that emits cold air that makes the fridge- freezer inside compartment very cold. Because of this feature, the fridge-freezer temperature drops and it won’t spoil the foods being fridge for the interior space doesn’t heat up. The cooling content space is 192 liters with the height of 176 cm. If the customer wishes to return back the item, it could be done within 30 days prior to purchase. It has a warranty period of two years and it has a rating of 4 stars.
    • Exquisite KGC270– It totally fits in your kitchen for the door could be rotated and adjusted to any direction. It has a content cooling space of 171 liters with a height of 141 centimeters. This makes it enough for a small family with 3 to 4 members. All the shelves could be adjusted in order to  fit in anything that you want to put inside the freezer. The fridge has two levels where you can put conveniently your bread, pizza, and leftover foods. All the compartment of the fridge could easily be seen because of the of its interior lighting. It has a warranty of two years and their Rating is of 4 stars.

These are just some of the few  cool freezer combinations which you can look at https://koelvries-combinatie.nl

By Kate