With the wetness induced damage getting rampant, it is imperative to look for a viable solution to put a cap on the problem. Damp proofing has emerged as an important requirement to safeguard your home from the moisture-related deterioration.

Dampness build-up not only causes extensive damage to your place, but it is also a serious health hazard which could lead to several ailments and breathing issues in the wake of continued exposure.

When you decide to avail damp proofing services in Kent, the following tips could help you get on board and extract the maximum benefit from the process.

  1. Get a full assessment of the property: Although, you might feel like evaluating your home or commercial establishment yourself to spot the damp areas, however, it is seldom a fruitful exercise.

Moisture presence could be explicit as well as hidden- the latter is often tough to spot. And, if you go ahead with the coating without treating the hidden cause, you run a greater risk of the problem escalation on a major level later on.

Damp proofing professionals have the necessary skills and tools to uncover all the problem areas in your property before taking the remedial measures, hence, it makes all the more sense to invest in the property assessment services first.

  1. Rainy season care: Hot and humid weather coupled with the incessant rains is the perfect concoction for the moisture to make its way through your house and commercial establishments.   

The water pipes and drainage systems placed too close to the walls of your house could have leakage issues, which could escalate during the rainy season resulting in wall dampness. Get these fixed in time as a preventive measure.

Also, air circulation in your house is important; keeping the doors and windows closed all the time creates a perfect environment for the moisture and moulds to flourish.

  1. Control condensation: Condensation results in the formation of water droplets which could accumulate and aid the formation of moist. Placing an extractor fan in your bathroom could work amazingly well by sucking out all the wetness from the walls and ceiling.

Additionally, after taking the hot shower or steam bath, make sure that you open the windows and doors of the washroom to prevent condensation.

  1. Seek an expert: Soon after you begin to notice an increase in dampness and growth of mildew and moulds inside your property, do not delay and immediately connect with professionals from damp proofing services in Kent to seek the expert advice.

With extensive experience in the field of damp proofing, these specialists are best placed in finding the workable solution for moisture-related issues to nip the problem in bud.

By following these simple pointers, you could easily get rid of the recurrent dampness problem for once and forever.


By Kate