There is currently a huge taboo when one uses the term “steroids”. This is due to the notion that using steroids is like cheating in sports or bodybuilding. However, steroids can also help in the other ways. But it remains to be popular as a sports performance enhancing drug. Steroids have been medically used to treat various respiratory illnesses. It is also used as the prescription drug for those who need muscle growth. The effects of using steroids would maximize proper diet. Here are some details of what to eat when taking steroids.

Make your diet protein-rich

While taking steroids, a protein-rich diet is recommended. Steroids work by producing the hormone testosterone in your body. With the increase of testosterone, the body will now begin the synthesis of muscle cells. In this process, protein is the key ingredient.

A Protein rich diet includes lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy. Animals like human beings also produce protein for the production of their muscles. The body will digest this protein and breaks it down into simpler amino acids. With the help of steroids, the body’s conversion of amino acids into human muscle tissue is much faster and more efficient.

Make sure to include healthy fats in your diet

Plant-based fats and oils can be the good alternative to bad fatty food from fried dishes. Intake of fat has become a taboo when dieting due to misinformation. This misinformation is on the way our body utilize fats and how it breaks it down. Contrary to belief, our body does need fats, the unsaturated ones, to ensure the production of energy. The fats we take in create cholesterol which becomes energy for the body to use, even in the production of testosterone.

One good source of fat comes from egg yolk. There are also animals that offer the unsaturated fat, like cod and salmon. The fats also called omega oil can be helpful more than any other fats we currently intake. They also help in faster recuperation and wound healing.

Dr. Berardi prescribes the utilization of red meat as better than slender poultry for fit muscle hypertrophy and recovery. His claim is that while your body can make glycogen without dietary starches through the procedure of “gluconeogenesis,” you can’t survive long without dietary fats.

Eat fibrous food like vegetables

Another key ingredient in the production of energy is sugar or carbohydrates. But no, these are not doughnuts and cookies. Cholesterol can come in the form of fiber-rich vegetables like whole wheat, bran, cucumber, cauliflowers and other crops. The fibers in these foods are a much healthier way of getting the sugar needed for energy production. They could also help in preventing overeating because fiber makes us feel full longer, as it takes time to digest. This also helps in the careful digestion of food, producing more energy that we could burn off during the day.

Keep away from more basic sugars while you are on a steroid cycle. Consuming basic sugar or sugary food is an example of poor dietary intake. This may also prompt insulin spikes bringing about the generation of estrogenic hormones inside the body. With the increase of estrogenic hormone, the steroids taken for the testosterone would not work due to the counter-hormone your body has produced.

By Kate