Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore

The teeth are an essential part of our body. We take in all the energy in terms of food through our mouths. If our teeth are not healthy, we will not be able to chew our food properly, resulting in poor digestion, and our body will not get enough energy for work. Keeping them healthy is very important for a healthy body. A problem in the Wisdom tooth can lead to tooth pain and cause severe effects. In this case, wisdom tooth extraction is essential. Several clinics provide the service of wisdom tooth extraction singapore and are very efficient.

Extracting wisdom teeth will be essentialto solving the problem and relieving you from the pain. Pain caused by a problematic tooth can be very severe and unbearable. Extraction of the tooth will prevent further problems from arising that the problematic tooth can cause. You may face many problems because of the malpositioned wisdom tooth.

When to get your wisdom teeth extracted?

  • If your jaw is too small to fit the wisdom teeth, you may get your wisdom teeth extracted. This way, it will not cause any further problems and prevent gum flapping.
  • If tissues are growing on your wisdom teeth, you should get your wisdom teeth extracted. Because this will cause infection in your gums as the food and germs can be deposited on them,leading to swollen and painful gums.
  • If you see other problems such as cysts, damaged teeth, and infection, you can get your wisdom teeth checked as an impacted tooth can cause these problems.
  • If your wisdom tooth is grown at an awkward angle, it may cause several problems for you and will cause inconvenience you. So, it is essential to get your tooth extracted.


  • This will prevent gum diseases or gum decay in wisdom teeth and relieve you from the pain you are suffering from.
  • This will prevent the crowding of your teeth in your mouth and helps you have healthy gum.
  • This will also help prevent the tooth from getting stuck in your jaw.

There are two options available to take for your wisdom tooth extraction surgery –local anesthesia or sedation. You can choose between the two options based on your pain tolerance. Make sure to get this extraction done by a professional and not some inexperienced doctor because this is a critical and challenging surgery. Several clinics in Singapore have the best doctors to provide this service.

By Kate