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The two most common medical conditions that affect your foot are arthritis and diabetes. Although it causes serious ankle problems, overuse of your foot can also result in pain. A professional podiatrist like oyster bay foot doctor provides you with proper treatment by analyzing the issue using a quicker diagnosis.

Podiatrist clinics offer various medical treatments for the issue that has developed on your foot, ankle, and lower leg. The issue can be cured by diagnosis, treatment, or surgery, depending on how deep the issue is in your foot.

Here are some common treatments offered by the oyster bay foot doctor, which include:

Shin splint

Shin splints are a pain that usually occurs with runners. A professional podiatrist helps you examine the cause of pain by conducting proper diagnostic tests and suggests preventive measures after identifying the potential issue. In some cases, the pain is caused because the style of sportswear is not suitable for your foot.


Arthritis is one of the most common problems faced by many individuals. If you notice any arthritis symptoms like swelling, redness, stiffness, or any other symptoms. Consult a professional foot specialist to avoid disability. They help you with proper treatment that helps maintain your ankle joint’s health in your day-to-day activities.

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Heel pain

Heel pain makes you feel uncomfortable and has a variety of causes. The pain can be caused by a bony growth on your heel. Your heels will often have inflammation in one of the tendons. The professional will make a proper x-ray scan to identify the cause exactly and provide proper treatment for the issue.

Ingrown nail

When a toenail grows, it develops ingrown nails within it that causes pain and infection in the individual. The professional will remove the ingrown nail on your toe and provide medicine if there is any damage to the surrounding cells.

Broken bone

A professional podiatrist is experienced in treating broken bones, sprains, and strains on your foot. They provide the required treatment at the particular area by identifying the wound. They also provide therapy sessions to speed up the healing process.


A podiatrist will perform the necessary surgery to treat the foot disorders if no other treatments are effective in treating the problems with the feet. They take foot and ankle surgery only if required. They won’t prefer surgery for the condition that can be treated with medicine and therapy sessions. For example, ingrown toenails are cured by surgery because they keep coming back.

By Kate