Today, the number of people who wish to exercise at home are increasing. Due to their busy schedules, hitting a gym is now a tedious task. Factoring the growing number of people wanting to do their workouts at home, there are several workout programs developed. A few of the best include the t25, body beast program, PiYo, etc. If you check google, you will be able to see a number of reviews on each of these workouts. However, here we are going to give a brief insight on PiYo. Read the full review at:

There are several reviews for PiYo online. Compiling many of them, here are the pros and cons of workout as mentioned by the users.

The Pros:

  • PiYo consists of movements and exercises that are easy for anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Thus, it has been considered by many as an easy workout for beginners.
  • Generally, a workout session lasts for about 45 minutes. But with the interesting moves and not much demand for an extreme exertion physically, it has been pointed out by many that they seem to find the 45 minutes pass-by relatively fast.
  • In this workout program, you will keep moving. Unlike any other workout program in which a certain part of the body is held at a certain position, in PiYo you will continuously move according to the rhythmically designed moves.
  • This workout program had many “modifiers” – alternative positions for workout movements. In many reviews, beginners quoted that these modifiers were of great help.
  • The workout is more economical. The only equipment this program requires is a yoga mat and a towel. This fact has indeed made many users happy.

The Cons:

  • Out of the several reviews received, many who started out PiYo workouts felt that the program was more suitable for intermediate level users.
  • The workout program had no cues in between each exercise shifts. This caused frustration in many users with the speed at which transitions were made.
  • The program had featured some short workout movements at the beginning. Many reviewers deemed these short movements as being too short.
  • There were some reviews that pointed out that some workout movements concentrated on one side of the body more than the rest. They felt this was uneven, and hence gave them a feeling of incompleteness.

Though there were pros and cons mentioned in various reviews, PiYo workout still stands out to be one of the best full body workouts that one will enjoy doing. After having gone through the compiled pros and cons for the workout program, if you are eager to know entirely about PiYo, go to:

By Kate