paediatric bone marrow transplant in India

There is no denying the fact that bone marrow transplant is a serious health issue. It has to be stated that the paediatric bone marrow transplant in India needs to be performed in the top hospitals of the country as they are only well equipped to deal with the same.  More often than not the patients are treated with a lot of compassion and care which does lead to successful outcomes. Here in India the cost of bone marrow transplant is comparatively cheaper when you compare it to the advanced countries of the world.

Bone marrow is a spongy and fatty tissue which is present in the bones of the human body. It is responsible for the production of

  • Red blood cells that is responsible for carrying nutrients along with blood to the various parts of the human body
  • White blood cells which does prevent the body from various infections
  • Platelets that leads to blood formation so that excess blood does not arise due to injury.

In addition to this the bone marrow also goes on to contain HSC which do go on to possess the ability to divide further. This form of transplant is required when the one in the human body is not that healthy in order to perform normal functions. This could arise due to infection or any form of disease as well. It has to be stated that this is a complex form of procedure and does go on to require a lot of planning as well.

paediatric bone marrow transplant in India

This is a form of surgery which is recommended if any of the treatments are not working and the chances of this condition do increase if the process of transplant is not being performed. The doctor should also be of the opinion that the benefits do outnumber the risks associated with this procedure. In fact the best candidates for bone marrow transplant are the ones who are in sound health and do have stem cells which is available from a particular family member of theirs.

Once the procedure is performed you are going too monitored for close infections or reactions. A reasonable amount of care is taken so that any form of infections does arise. The patient is closely monitored so that no form of organ enlargement occurs and the patient is in optimum health. The role stops when the old bone marrow cells are in a position to produce new ones.

It has to be stated that it is a complex lifesaving procedure that has evolved a lot in the last few years. Once a successful bone marrow transplant is performed you will be able to lead a successful life rather than you might have expected earlier.

Once the transplant is performed the recovery process does put a lot of stain on the patient along with the family members. In the first few weeks the chances of rejection and complications are on the higher side. As the blood count rises, the patient does start feeling better.

By Kate