The most common question and makes a person using steroid for the first time is asking about the best steroid cycle chart for lean muscle. This alone can tell you about the person asking.

The fact is that there are various cycles, and if you are experienced, you ought to be using terminologies like bulking, cutting or strength. The most common thing that people ask is what the best steroid cycle chart is.

The truth: This is actually very subjective because this will depend if you are starting or not. Are you doing this for bulking, cutting or strength? This also varies per gender, drug preparation, weight, age and much more. So if you are even going to go to the internet and search for the best steroid cycle good luck with that because of there aren’t any.

The reason: Because pharmacokinetics is a very tricky thing and what your buddy is using will probably not work for you, you may try but it may not work as efficiently as it’s affecting your buddy. It’s very subjective and personal in a lot of sense.

A tip: research online and don’t believe what other people are telling, go to experts and ask what they think. Of course, they will most likely tell you not to take one but will tell you either way and if they are super accommodating will probably help you identify the best one for you. It does need extensive research but it does pay off because it will help you optimize the potential of the drug.

In general: A general rule in taking steroids for bodybuilding or enhancement is that you need to have a rule, a limit. A proper cycle than what you just made up on when to stop and how much you should take. It needs knowledge of the preparation. To put it simply, bodybuilding should be an exact science and you have to be very calculated with your doses. Ask any expert and they will tell you that the regular doses for bodybuilding are already considered an overdose of the drugs suggested normal dosage.

The lesson: You probably heard this a thousand times, and even if it’s boring to know about a drug you still need to learn it. Don’t be another person that takes the drug and never really learn about everything that a drug does especially its side effects. Take pimples, for example, it may be a simple pimple but it can be an indication of the side effects kicking in. You wouldn’t really know that unless you read and understand the drugs that you are taking.

There is no such thing as a best steroid cycle because of many factors. You can probably ask what their preferred cycles are based on the drugs that they are taken, but it’s much better to do the research and identify one for yourself. Because there may not be a specific chart to follow but there are specific rules for the drug, a limit even that you should learn.

By Kate