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While cannabis is often considered one of the safest psychoactive substances, it’s still possible to have a negative experience or “bad trip” when consuming edibles. However, following these guidelines can help ensure your edible experience is enjoyable and safe.


  1. Understand Dosing Standards

The key to a positive edible experience is taking the correct dose. Generally, the dose refers to the amount of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. Even if you’re a first-timer or haven’t consumed THC in a while, start slow and with a lower dose than you think. Usually, 5 mg of THC is enough for individuals with low tolerance.


  1. Only Consume Edibles on a Full Stomach

Avoid consuming edibles on an empty stomach to prevent overconsumption. Treat it similarly to alcohol; enjoy it with a meal or as a dessert. Ensure you don’t plan to drive afterward due to the prolonged effects of edibles.


  1. Always Consume in a Relaxing Environment

Choose a safe, relaxing environment for consuming edibles. Avoid combining a stressful setting with THC, as it can easily lead to anxiety and panic. Have a plan and a sober friend to keep an eye on you.


  1. Don’t Start with a Full Dose

Never start with a full dose. Most edibles contain more THC than necessary for first-time users or occasional consumers, making it easy to overconsume.


  1. Never Mix Weed with Alcohol

Avoid mixing alcohol with edibles. The combination can increase the likelihood of a bad trip and complicate your dosing in the future.


  1. Know How Edibles Work

Understand the difference between inhaling cannabis and eating it. Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect and produce a different kind of high, known to be more psychologically potent due to the production of 11-hydroxy-THC.


  1. Be Prepared in Case of Overconsumption

If you consume too much, have a plan. Keep CBD-only products nearby to counteract the effects of excess THC and ensure a friend is available for assistance.


Find the Best THC Edibles in the Market

In conclusion, make your edible experience enjoyable by understanding the dosing, consuming on a full stomach, choosing a relaxed environment, starting with a small dose, and not mixing with alcohol. Recognize the working of edibles and be prepared for all situations.

With the growing number of dispensaries in legal states, ensure to select high-quality cannabis and seek education from knowledgeable dispensary staff for a satisfying and safe edible experience. Are you interested in quality edibles? Visit and order delta 8 at today!

By Kate