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carbon laser peel is also known as a Hollywood peel in Singapore. It is a laser treatment that uses a layer of carbon as a photo-enhancer to deeply cleanse skin that is prone to acne, oily, congested, or seems dull. A noticeable glow and radiance are also produced by Carbon Laser Peel after just one procedure in addition to sebaceous gland regulation and acne reduction. A carbon laser peel costs $250. The non-invasive Carbon Laser Peel technique can be used to achieve both a gentle exfoliation and deep skin regeneration. All skin types can safely use it, and it evens out and brightens skin while minimising the appearance of flaws like scars, pigmentations, and fine wrinkles. Reduces sebum production, prevents acne, and rapidly increases skin radiance for oily, acne-prone, or wrinkled skin. minimise fine lines, reduce pore size, and smooth the texture of the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads are removed while pore congestion is reduced. Because the Carbon Laser Peel rejuvenates ageing skin without effort, celebrities and influencers favour it. In order to acquire a rapid skin refresher or “fast repair” before red carpet events or media appearances without the protracted downtime that may be connected with other procedures, many celebrities rely on Carbon Laser Peel. No pain or waiting, immediate glow, quick process Suitable for busy individuals, Doctors use laser therapy, which is secure and effective. We are aware that occasionally using creams to treat your acne won’t be enough to make them disappear from your face and bring out your natural beauty. However, Become Aesthetic is the top clinic in the globe. For more information on the fantastic treatment offered by Become Aesthetic Clinic’s carbon laser peel, read this article through to the end.

carbon laser peel

What steps include a Carbon Laser Peel procedure?

A carbon laser peel, a gentle laser procedure, deeply exfoliates the skin for an immediate shine. A small layer of medical-grade carbon paste is applied to the entire face, and it is then given some time to dry. The carbon will penetrate deep pores, where it will then absorb dirt and contaminants. As a photo enhancer, the carbon paste enables the laser to enter the pores deeply and transfer energy there. The implosion of carbon particles caused by the laser is then used to exfoliate the skin and clean the pores. To learn more, visit their website.

By Kate