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Cancer has always been a tough disease to battle. Till today there is still no cure or proper medicine available to cure this disease, the process can be slowed down and even stopped from happening but if it reaches a critical level, then the chances of survival become extremely rare. Many important people in history have died because of cancer in the past, even today many important people that have contributed a lot to society are suffering from cancer. No one knows when will a proper medicine be found which can eliminate cancer altogether but till then scientists and doctors are trying their best to treat cancer with utmost care and patience.

Facts About cancer in Singapore:

  • Cancer has killed around 28% of the population of Singapore.
  • Cancer is rising in Singapore.
  • 1 out of 5 people is expected to get cancer by the age of 75.
  • Singapore is the 42nd country on the list of countries with the highest rate of cancer cases.
  • Common cancer cases for men in Singapore are Lung, colon, and prostate.
  • Common cancer cases for women in Singapore are breast, lung, and colon.
  • The Chinese residents have more cancer than anyone with 82% more cases than anyone else in Singapore.
  • Men in Singapore are more likely to get cancer than women.
  • Women in Singapore have higher chances of surviving cancer than men.
  • The survival rate of stage 4 cancer is 18%.

cancer doctor singapore

Clinical Interests of Oncocare

  • Breast cancer is – The most common cancer in women.
  • Lung cancer is – the second most common cancer in both women and men on a global level.
  • Gynealogical cancer – 5 types of cancer that women can get are cervical, vaginal, vulvar, uterine, and ovarian.
  • Brain cancer – Adults are diagnosed with brain cancer after they develop seizures, severe headaches, and even fits.

Team of Doctors at Oncocare

The large team of Oncologists at Oncocare share the same dream, the dream of curing the world of cancer one day. The team is only expanding daily with more experienced doctors joining every day. Their team consists of doctors like Dr.Akhil Chopra, Dr. Angela Pang, Dr. Benjamin Chuah, Dr. Kevin Tay, Dr. Peter Ang, etc.


Cancer Doctors at Oncocare

cancer doctor singapore at Oncocare serve only one purpose, and that is to cure as many cancer patients as possible. The journey for cancer patients is tough as there is a lot, they go through both mentally and physically. Oncologists at Oncocare understand that and try to provide a personalized recovery treatment so cancer patients can live healthy life again.

By Kate