There are numerous naturally occurring as well as chemical based products that are available for weight loss. While many of them have been found effective, there are some that just have claims without any proper effects. Hydroxycut is one of the best diet pills for women and it comes in three main variants i.e. elite, nextgen and SX-7. The chemical and natural ingredients content of each of these variants of Hydroxycut varies and so does its effect. Based on the content and quantity of fat reducing substances present in the product, the product might or may not work for a particular user. Here let us look at the different products of Hydroxycut elite range and their ingredients.

An overview of Hydroxycut Elite for weight loss —

This variation of the Hydroxycut range of products is different from other two variants as it contains a high level of caffeine and Yohimbe which is involved in fat reduction. The content of green coffee extract is half as compared to the other two variants of Hydroxycut. The ingredients of this product make it one of the best diet pills for women. When you take this product in the form of powder or capsule, it starts working immediately and you will feel it kick in. This is faster than other variants of this product. Let us look at the working of each of the products in the Elite range —

  1. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Powder – this formula is almost identical to the pill version of the elite range of products. The effect of both pill and powder is similar and both kick in very quickly after consumption. The Hydroxycut hardcore elite has a unique formula of ingredients that are best suited for weight loss in women. It includes half the content of Yohimbe as compared to normal elite powder. Also, it does not have any cocoa extract and contains 500 mg L-carnitine tartrate. It has a decent taste.
  2. Hydroxycut hardcore elite sport – this is also introduced as a new variant and includes 220 mg caffeine instead of 270mg, 20 mg Yohimbe instead of 53 mg, coffee bean extract and neurosensory blend for fewer jitters and improving the mental acuity.

 The sports version of the product is best suited for athletes. The standard one is the best diet pills for women that are looking for caloric restriction and weight loss.

By Kate