Know, What is Behind Your Muscle Building

Ask any biologist or discuss with any knowledgeable person, about amino acids. They might sit with you to explain about the basic thing, the amino acids, on which every life form was built. Amino acids and the origin of life is every researcher’s favorite topic and the answer lies somewhere in the force of nature, it seems. Our body gets amino acids from the proteins in our food. The amino acids build our muscles, and the whole process is called protein synthesis. This article deals with the benefits for protein synthesis and about the good effects of our supplement. It would be a good read for fitness lovers.

The important thing to note here is, during protein synthesis, the repairing of wear and tear of the muscles take place at the cellular level. Then only, the process goes to muscle building. How strong the process occurs defines the muscular growth and strength. The rate at which protein synthesis takes place decreases with age. It begins to decrease once we attain the age of 20, the average age at which growth stops. By knowing the benefits for protein synthesis, physicians and fitness teachers stress the need for exercises and regular workouts, which keep up or accelerate the protein synthesis and the corresponding muscle building.

benefits for protein synthesis

How to Accelerate Muscle Protein Synthesis

  • To build bigger and stronger muscles, you have to tear down the old ones with hard workouts or with any other form of work. To build your muscle continuously, you have to follow new and improved workouts in terms of weight and difficulty, as prescribed by your trainer. As the body and the related mass of the muscles get accustomed to the particular work out, you have to move further with improved weights and methods to gain further mass.
  • Here the need for the experts arises as you can’t randomly increase your work out. Experts in fitness studies come with suitable work out plans for you to build the muscle mass continuously. For leading a regular life, natural foods rich in protein are enough. But if you are in need of heavy exercises and rapid growth of muscles, protein supplements are very much needed, as it would be prescribed by your trainer in the gym.
  • To gain muscle, your net protein balance should be higher or should be at the required level, which is the balance of muscle protein synthesis after repairing the tear and wear of the muscles. The muscle protein break down occurs daily and it varies from person to person, which depends upon their physical work.

In this fast-paced life, maintaining the right diet and proper work become a tough task for many of us. The lifestyle has changed drastically and most of the people suffer from lifestyle diseases than from infections and other forms of diseases. You have to approach an expert to know about the right diet and right work out. Best protein supplements are available in the market, which you should take only by following the advice your expert.

By Kate