Disease and illness are the terms for which everyone is afraid of. There are many types of diseases prevailing all over the world. If it is a normal fever or cold, it would be alright within five days and if this is going to be chronic then there is a severe problem. There are various medical treatments available for every disease in this world. Hence the right one is a very big problem. For some chronic disease, treatment is the same all over the world. Acupuncture is one way of treating diseases with sharp edged needles. This 8 constitution medicine is also known as Korean body acupuncture. This is been in practice for quite some years. The number eight denotes the eight types of design with which a human is born. Everyone in this world will definitely fall under any one of these eight types. Dowon Kuon is the person who first introduced this 8 constitutional body types and their treatments. He presented this in 1965 and it has proved to be success for past forty seven years. A human being is born with constitution which varies from person to person. This constitution of organ could be explained in such a way where one organ will be strong whereas the other one will be weak. This strong-weak pair of organs is divided into eight categories. For example, a person will be born with a strong lungs but his liver will be very weak. As such the other constitution pairs are large intestine and gall bladder, kidney and pancreas, stomach and bladder. Every human being will fall under anyone of these strong-weak combination. Hence treatment should be given according to these findings.

Acupuncture focuses mainly on the individual’s organ functioning and response to the treatment. It does not treat all the patients with same treatment who suffer from same symptoms. The symptoms may be same but the patient’s organ functioning and its response to the given treatment are different. Hence acupuncture believes in customized treatment that suits the best for their patients. This kind of treatment design will help to cure more incurable diseases and also diseases which are chronic. A patient should know about their body parts well and should be able to identify its functioning. This will be helpful for the doctor to know about the allergies and the end result will be fruitful. The treatment designed especially for your body will be more effective than the random ones. If you feel uncomfortable at certain part of the body, it is better to see the doctor immediately. And if the uncomfortable still remains then it is essential to go for a cancer screening test. As you all know, cancer is definitely a curable one, if it is been found at the early stages.

By Kate