Website testing is an important process in the IT industry. The process includes functional tests and effective verification of the operation of the program. This is a very important IT industry, because any website created is tested first to ensure its effectiveness and competence according to its specifications and test strategies. It also helps to detect any defect and deficiency in the operation of the website, which, in turn, helps the developer to take the necessary measures and create website that works without problems.

There are several types of function-based tests

Each type of classification is based on its role and meaning in the test procedure. Functional tests exist to verify any functional defect in the website and ensure proper operation. This is followed by performance tests, which are mainly performed when the website does not work properly. In such a situation, tests are performed to find any type of defect that interferes with efficient operation. Acceptance tests are carried out to verify that the website meets the customer’s specific requirements, and restoration tests are performed to verify how efficiently the system can recover from failures, hardware failures and other computer-related problems. In addition, there are usability tests to identify and verify usability defects and security tests to ensure that the security system or website code does not contain errors or defects.

In addition, there are several other classifications, according to website tests 먹튀 that fall into different categories. Among the list of different classifications, the main types are manual and automatic types, which are classified according to the principle of operation.

Manual test

The manual test is the type in which the tester is used to verify and confirm each step. At each step, each button is clicked and each link is selected to ensure its operation according to the characteristics specified in the test procedure. This is a completely manual test procedure in which each link is carefully verified, each page is read, each graphic object is analyzed and all routes are verified. For such a thorough job, companies and organizations appoint quality assurance specialists who are qualified and have talent in this area. Manual website testing is a time-consuming method, but it is still considered the most effective, especially in the areas of game testing, Internet testing and end-user testing. This type provides a higher level of customer and customer satisfaction.

Automated tests are a type in which tests are performed exclusively with an automated tool. This tool becomes functional with just a click of the mouse or a button on the keyboard, and the entire series of website is verified and its performance verified.

In addition, there are more types, such as black box, white box, unit tests, alpha, rhythm, incremental integration and health tests. All methods or types have their own meaning and value in the website testing process.

By Kate