Barilla Pesto Sauces are the most famous of its kind since its inception many years back. People have started having great trust and loyalty towards the brand as it is present for over 100 years and they have been in the business of making quality products without compromising anything. Talking about quality, the company uses cutting edge technology to produce more clean and safe pasta, while doing research and development simultaneously. It helps them to understand the current market needs and plan accordingly for the production.

What are its uses?

The pesto sauce are used to bring different flavors and taste to the dishes when they are mixed. Such as pasta, fish, chicken, spaghetti, sandwiches, mixed vegetables and other kinds of items. The brand has created a huge impact on the society that it has become a famous name with the household. They also provide various recipes for different kinds of dishes to be made at home without any difficulty. Those available are for pasta, spaghetti, summer special, winter special dishes, bread, pastries and much more. These sauces are made up of 100% natural Italian basil and cheese. It is considered to be healthy compared to the other artificially produced pasta.

Barilla Sauce

What are the recipes available?

Barilla comes up with many recipes for the pesto sauces such as Rustic basil pesto, creamy ricotta basil, and sun-dried tomato pesto sauce. There are various other which gives a typical Italian taste, they are traditional, marinara, spicy marinara, meat sauce, mushroom, creamy and garlic alfredo, roasted garlic, sweet pepper sauce, Tuscan herb, tomato & basil, and much more. These recipes of sauces give the authentic taste of Italian sauces that can be matched with pasta, macaroni & cheese, and other dishes.

The barilla sauces promise to bring in-home taste. They go by the term ‘Vero Gusto’ that is the true taste of the sauce. They promise to provide 100% naturally grown tomatoes from Italy to their sauces and with the same procedure as followed at homes. The barilla pesto sauces do not have any added preservatives, added sugar, no additional water or any extra tomato paste. These sauces are also free from gluten and they do not add any artificial ingredients to make it look more attractive or anything as such.

The success of the barilla sauces is visible through the trust the people have with the brand. Started in the year 1877, it is evident that they have been hugely successful in bringing the original taste of Italy.

By Kate