luggage storage

Despite what Pinterest may have us believe, it’s bulky, clunky, awkwardly shaped, and not remotely charming enough to pass for a petite side table. It’s okay to use a vintage suitcase as a nightstand or side table unless luggage storage copenhagen is a stylish one. Whatever your style, there is no doubt at least one travel bag taking up precious space in your house or apartment if you are a regular jet-setter or someone who visits home once a year.

You want to stash your beloved carry-on or the massive four-wheel suitcase that you use. But you don’t know where you’ll put it. Getting organized, creative, and resourceful is necessary. Because the luggage storage copenhagen mysteriously satisfying about unpacking your suitcase after a trip and putting it safely and securely out of sight, we’ve put together a list of 10 tips and tricks for storing any kind of luggage.

Check your suitcase for dirt spots, tears, and wet patches before storing it anywhere it will fit. Over time, your suitcases will look worn from the ground up as they tumble through airports, baggage claim centers, and car trunks. Ensure your bag does not have any wet areas, as they can become moldy or mildew.

luggage storage

If any trash is found while you’re unpacking, chuck it out, turn out your pockets, and shake your bag to remove dirt and sand. Use this simple method from Eagle Creek to clean your suitcase gently. Use a damp cloth to clean the interior of your suitcase, and a sponge or warm water to clean the outside of your suitcase.

Make sure your luggage will be left in a cool, dry area. Moisture buildup and mold can occur in areas experiencing extreme humidity, destroying your bag or defacement of its sleek, elegant exterior. In addition to avoiding areas where your bag receives direct sunlight, be sure your bag is placed in a bug- and pest-free zone and away from sharp objects in case it gets scratched or torn.

As an extra measure to protect your bag from dust, mold, and dirt, Williams suggests investing in a luggage cover to keep it out of the elements. Your luggage will now be clean and protected. It’s easy to forget, but storing your suitcases under your bed is one of the best and most convenient ways to organize your belongings. If your bed is tall enough, you’ll most likely have a foot or two of space under it which is perfect for storing your carry-on bag or duffel bag.

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