It’s obvious that we can’t able to control the pollution outside our home completely since we don’t have any control over them. But we ought to have the ability to live in healthier surroundings. But, the actual truth is that our way of lifestyle can cause a lot of pollution in the indoor condition also. If you are looking for ways to reduce pollution in your home since the prevention of chemical pollution is mandatory for leading a healthier life then, you need not to worry now. Here are some ways to control and prevent chemical pollution in your home in order to safeguard your family and you.

Toxins induced into your home because of pollution opens your family to generally minor health issues, for example, eye disturbance, nasal blockage, cerebral pains, and dizziness, to significant medical problems like malignant growth and harm to the liver or focal sensory system. The young people and the elderly people are at more risk of developing up these health problems.

Synthetic substances or chemicals and pollution because of dust exists wherever in our homes, from the lounge chair, beddings, Teflon kitchen dish, hand wash fluids, and cleansers, to the vinyl shower window ornaments, floor coverings, and fragrances. Despite the fact that it is troublesome to wipe out the chemical substances in our home, we can do numerous easy and simple things to live in a cleaner, healthier home.

Let’s have a look at the simple 4 ways to keep your home free from chemical pollution.

#1- Volatile Organic Compounds need to be reduced

VOC’s are hazardous chemical substances found in a few home items (for example new covers, paint, plywood items, deodorizers, and tobacco). You can limit introduction to VOC’s by doing the below things,

  • Quit smoking inside the home.
  • Don’t buy products containing high VOC items like plywood and other VOC containing wood items. Rather, purchase old furnitures or solid wood.
  • Enhance the ventilation in your home. Whenever possible keep windows and doors open in your home. Additionally, place an air purifier in the house.
  • Controlling the dampness can bring down the rate of VOC’s. Utilize a dehumidifier to hold the dampness levels within proper limits.

#2- Drink always Filtered water

Even if you are residing in a perfect area where the water quality is great, there can be minute sources of contaminants, for example, lead, chlorine, E. coli, pesticides in the water. Separating the water can evacuate these toxins.

#3- Utilize substance free from chemicals

Most standard home cleaning items have chemical substances that are harmful not only for the wellness of your family; it’s also harmful for the streams and lakes when washed down. Instead of preferring chemicals you can use options like,

  • Utilize natural home cleaning substances, for example, lemon, and vinegar and so on.
  • Use cloths made up of microfiber to clean your home without the utilization of chemicals.
  • For cleaning the cloths, go for chemical free laundry powder.
  • Use environmental friendly and non-toxic home cleaning items

#4- Reduce toxic substances in your garden

Tell your gardener to utilize pesticides and manures that contain less chemical substances. Utilize just as much compost as required. Buy a kit for soil-test from your nearby garden store to decide when the compost should be included or not.

Following these ways will definitely help you to reduce and prevent chemical pollution as much as possible within desired span of time since prevention of chemical pollution will help you to lead a healthier life.

By Kate