There is something which can be more dangerous than a war between nations, which can make people outrageous, which can make half of the world eat another half just by hate and cruelty. It is racism, a belief that has been prevalent since ancient times where people were discriminated, held back, and enslaved due to their ethnicity and skin color. The brutal division was done among the people to show the superiority of fair-skinned above people with a dark complexion. This belief gave birth to hatred and unwillingness to compromise on things among human beings.

People forgot humanity and started killing, harassing, and absconding each other mentally and physically on the name of racism and superiority. Many people sacrificed their lives in this war against racism and getting equal rights for every victim of racism. How to end racism? The ray of light in those dark times were the people who started thinking, planning and trying to get the answer to this question. Today, racism cannot be everywhere, but some people have experienced it, and they still a victim of this curse to humanity.

Impact of racism

There were various impacts of racism on ordinary lives that were the victim of this cruel face of society.

    • People of some ethnicity were not allowed to enter holy places, restaurants, theatres, etc. They were not given shelters or houses on rent to live.
    • No proper facilities for health and medication were given to the people due to racism. There were separate hospitals made for people with dark skin where there was no proper treatment for serious dangerous diseases.
  • People were provided fewer salaries and wages and during the hard times, many of them starved to death.
  • Racism hampered education for dark-skinned people and they were kept away from schools where others used to study. It destroyed the career of various bright students.

Racism has various negative impacts on the culture and well-being of society. To fight racism, one should know the worth of their existence and by challenging the situations and thoughts of racism. Being thoughtful and trying to give the best performance in your duties will make you respectable among the people. There were many social campaigns carried out to spread awareness about how to end racism and how to get rid of this social disease which has taken rights and lives of various innocent people. One can gain importance in this society through hard work and fighting false and wrong thoughts and derogatory mindset.

By Kate