Saint Michael Meet The Lord And Sat Before Him

Many people have heard the name Michael, Saint Michael, or Michael the Archangel, yet don’t know the story behind him. In Jude’s Epistle, Michael is referred to as the archangel Michael, known as the healing angel. Saint Michael has the role of leader and protector of God’s armies against the forces of evil. In The Book of Michael, you will read in Chapter 1 that God proclaimed him as one of the chosen ones, prophet and king among men. The words in the Bible are written, in which the story of Michael is included.

Saint Micheal defended God’s armies in the battle. As the protector against wickedness and forces of evil, God rebukes him. The Book of Michael can be read at, the complete Chapters were written.

The Book of Michael

The written daily bread of soul in the book teaches people who Michael has worked with God with all his soul. He was once sinned yet forgiven and was chosen to be God’s army. As the protector of the army of God, Michael was also a prophet and king that made them known. As the chosen protector of God’s army, he was once tested and tempted by satan. It was then that Michael proved himself his fate and devotion to the Lord of Lords, King of Kings. There’s only one God; it is Father Almighty. If you are going to read the entire book, you will find out the life of Michael. How he fought against evil and how he proved that God is in his heart and there is no other God but only Him.

From Chapter 1 to Chapter 25, Saint Michael had gone so far as the protector of God’s army. But, he was not tired of defending. Instead, he stood and remained on the side of God the Father Almighty. In his book, you will get inspired by how he faced Satan proving that his faith and love for God are pure.

Saint Michael Meet The Lord And Sat Before Him

The Lord’s victory

Chapter 6, The Victory of the Lord, wrote about how Mary had pained seeing Her son’s suffering. Like there is no other greater pain that Mother Mary had felt for his son. Until Michael heard a loud and calm voice saying that there’s nothing to worry for He had come and God’s will had been done. With that, there is no other greater experience than it. It was the moment that Michael kneed on the water calling the Lord’s different name. But only to call Him all these names speaking about one God with many names called unto Him. It was then that the Lord baptized Michael, to wash out all doubt and fear.

The other religions

It was then that the Book of Michael in Chapter 23, The Other Religions, talked about the other religions that don’t accept the Lord as the Savior. But, these people are teaching food deeds, submissiveness, and morality. In this chapter, you will learn and understand, even determine and define yourself if which you belong. Are you the one who is seeking the truth? If so, then you will find the truth in God.

By Kate