Restaurants are made great not because of its interior design, its elegant chairs, utensils, and the ambiance, but the people behind it, particularly the chef.

Great restaurants became great because of how chefs prepare the food from purchasing and choosing the ingredients, cooking, preparing, and serving it to their guests.

If you would notice, the most popular restaurants are run by great chefs. This is because they are the ones who know how to satisfy the taste buds of their guests.

Your selection of restaurant should not be entirely based on what you see on your social media feed or advertisements, the most important thing that you look for in a restaurant is how good its chef in making delicious food and cuisines.

To help you out, here are some important traits that make a good restaurant chef or you can check out

  1. Brings creativity in cooking the food-You should know that cooking is a combination of science and art. Why? Because there are different techniques and skills which needed to be learned, however, it is with the skills that will surely create dishes that leave a lasting impression. Being in the kitchen should always be about making new ways, ideas, and concepts that are also risky at the same time.
  2. Brings inspiration in the kitchen– A great chef is not just someone who cooks great food; however, they should also be someone who has the ability to inspire and instill teamwork in the kitchen for efficient service to the customers. There are a lot of other people in the kitchen, there are assistants, sous chefs, potagers, the grillardins, the chef de partie, and boulangers, and of course the executive chef, which is why the latter should serve as a leader to the entire team to work in harmony that will surely create a positive impact on the people that the chef is working on.
  3. Can do multiple tasksРA great chef has the ability to multi-task without even compromising the quality of their tasks. Being able to handle many things all at once is a very difficult thing to do; however, it is also a very accomplishing way to finish the job with efficiency. A lot of successful chefs are masters of multi-tasking, they could be cooking something on the other stove, while they grill on the other, saut̩ing at the other stove, while chopping vegetables on the other end, knowing that restaurants are very busy, that multi-tasking is an essential way to finish their tasks easier and faster.
  4. Expert in giving the most intricate detail of the food– A great chef oversees everything from the food preparation, the cooking, the plating, and even how it is served to the customers. A great chef always pays very close attention to detail to the food that they prepare because it is very crucial in giving customers the best service available. Cooking is a very intricate process to do especially when it comes to perfectly balancing the ingredients that are mixed together to come up with a delicious dish like what is served at

By Kate