Seatac Airport Map

Passengers can acquire all the information they need about pricing, arrivals, departures, terminals, parking facilities and gates on the seattle airport map terminal (SEA). Aprimary terminal is developed for both North & South train stations as they’re surrounded by the Central Terminal’s Concourses A, B, C & D along with North and South Satellites. All international arrivals are served through S gates except those with a US pre-clearance.  Transit train stations are in all Concourses; North & South Satellites separate underground trains that run between the following gates:

  • Between gates C & D
  • Between gates A & D
  • Between gates A & B & satellite S

Essential notices

Passengers without luggage may use the new check-in kiosks from the selected airlines to print their boarding passes. Holders of the Global Entry card can reduce average wait time by 70 percent while Self-Service Automated Passport Control kiosks are available for US & Canadian citizens; the current 14 new kiosks cut waiting time through customs in half.

MPC aka Mobile passport control enables eligible passengers to submit their passport information & customs declaration form to CBP via smartphone or tablet applications prior to arrival. There is a new flight data display in the rail station.

Seatac Airport Map

Utilizing the SeaTac Map attributes

The seattle airport map comprises of concourses (A, B, C, D) which are connected with one another so that the passengers can move freely around without having to exit from secured areas. The satellites (N & S gates) are linked to the main terminal by consistentlyoperating underground loop trains; additional 10-15 minutes to the boarding schedule are required for those who depart from one of the satellite terminals.

Seattle airport terminal detailed map insights 

Presently, a total of 86 dining & retail lounges and alternatives along with numerous booksellers and Duty Free stores are available for passengers at the airport. This provides them with comfort and a fresh shopping experience between flights. Theprimary terminal’s North & South stations are visible from the left and right angels of the complex; these stations connect both the ends by a train which passes through the check-in level and the baggage claim level.

The Seattle Tacoma Airport Map is designed to assist all passengers and provide them with the required information for every doubt. Furthermore, passengers can always address the information desk that’s located at the main terminal for additional information.

By Kate